• Escape From Tarkov Hacks by Battlelog.co
    Our EFT Cheats include Aimbot, ESP/wallhack and more

    *Hacks marked UNDETECTED on our status page are safe to use.

    Our EFT hacks are among the safest in the industry.
    The way we do this is by getting the best coders and making sure that we can rely on them keeping up with the new trends within the industry. 

    We are proud to present the safest Escape from Tarkov cheat on the market, and we strive to give you the best service available.


    The video below shows the old version of our EFT Prime Hack. To see how the ESP and menu look in the new version, see the images below.

    • EFT Prime 30 days
    • $109.95

      /30 days access
    • AIMBOT
    • FOV Config
    • Show FOV
    • Smoothing
    • Aim Distance Config
    • Aim Key Config
    • Aim Bone Config
    • FOV Color Config
    • ESP
    • ESP Distance Config
    • Player Bones
    • Player Names
    • Teammates
    • NPCs
    • NPC Bones
    • Color Configs
  • Our hacks mostly stay UNDETECTED and we do everything we can to keep it this way.


    Some of our hacks have even been safe for more than a year. Others have been safe since release. But to stay safe, be sure to always check our status page before using the products.

    We have automated systems for constantly testing the status of our hacks and if issues are found, we update our status page instantly.

  • Why our Escape from Tarkov cheats are better than others 

    Our EFT Hacks are better than others because we keep them safe. We do our best to keep our hacks safe, listen to our users on input and we are active looking for suggestions on which new features to add. We test the new features for long before releasing them to make sure they are safe for our users before we let them loose on the servers.

    How we keep our Escape of Tarkov hacks undetected

    Our Escape from Tarkov cheats are kept safe by trying our best to eliminate all risk factors associated with detection. 
    We can do this by thorough testing and thereby eliminating the different features which we do not wish our EFT hacks to have
    because of an increased risk of detection. Our goal is always to provide the best and safest service for our customers.
    Always check the status page to see if your hack is compromised - we update it daily. 




    Our EFT hacks include all the nice features such as aimbot and esp / wallhack

    We make Escape from Tarkov hacks that come with the best tarkov aimbot, esp/wallhack avalable on the market right now. 
    The features of our hack are tremendous and we seek to have an edge compared to the competition anytime.
    At battlelog.co we make winners, and we make sure that our products are as refined as possible before we ever think about releasing it to the public as we want everyone to be satisfied with the products that we offer.



    How to get started with our EFT cheats

    Start by going to our store page and choose a product.
    Proceed with the order and wait for the confirmation, this can take a little time.
    When your key has been received please head over to our downloads page for a quick guide on how to set up your product. (This is only accessible for members) and after this you should be ready to use the new product you have bought. 
    In the case of any issues contact our support at battlelog.co/support


    Escape from Tarkov Aimbot

    Our EFT aimbot is among the most precise in the world, being coded from scratch by our coder that we all trust and love.
    We make sure you hit every bullet with our newest most updated aimbot and we try to keep it on the fine line of being safe while also being precise enough to take out the enemies that you might face around any corner. The ESP of course helps with these issues as well. 




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    • Purchased 24 hours. payment was easy(Paypal) The hack is really easy to set up and use. I used it for at least 19 hours(official servers) and I did not receive a ban. I was very sceptical at first, as I know many people are but this product did not let me down. I had loads of fun with squad mates and we created a base all in 24 hours. All because of this hack. You can see enemy's from about 1000m away. The magic bullet function is a LIFE SAVER, although I accidentally kill my whole squad once, rip. The HUD is really easy to navigate and very customizable. If I had any suggestions to be added it would be a; Radar(minimap), World map(with locations of ppl) and cars(added to ESP). Only criticism is that the hack gets really expensive. 15.99 for 24 hours is okay but for me 69.99 for 1 week is a little steep. But I have to say it is totally worth the money and if I had the spare change I would totally buy this for months at a time.  10/10, I really recommend this hack for DayZ.  Any questions please ask.   
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