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    Our EFT Cheats include Aimbot, ESP/wallhack and more

    *Hacks marked UNDETECTED on our status page are safe to use.

    Our EFT hacks are among the safest in the industry.
    The way we do this is by getting the best coders and making sure that we can rely on them keeping up with the new trends within the industry. 

    We are proud to present the safest Escape from Tarkov cheat on the market, and we strive to give you the best service available.


    The video below shows the old version of our EFT Prime Hack. To see how the ESP and menu look in the new version, see the images below.

    • EFT Prime 30 days
    • $95.00

      1 month access
    • AIMBOT
    • FOV Config
    • Show FOV
    • Smoothing
    • Aim Distance Config
    • Aim Key Config
    • Aim Bone Config
    • FOV Color Config
    • ESP
    • ESP Distance Config
    • Player Bones
    • Player Names
    • Teammates
    • NPCs
    • NPC Bones
    • Color Configs
  • Our hacks mostly stay UNDETECTED and we do everything we can to keep it this way.


    Some of our hacks have even been safe for more than a year. Others have been safe since release. But to stay safe, be sure to always check our status page before using the products.

    We have automated systems for constantly testing the status of our hacks and if issues are found, we update our status page instantly.

  • Why our Escape from Tarkov cheats are better than others 

    Our EFT Hacks are better than others because we keep them safe. We do our best to keep our hacks safe, listen to our users on input and we are active looking for suggestions on which new features to add. We test the new features for long before releasing them to make sure they are safe for our users before we let them loose on the servers.

    How we keep our Escape of Tarkov hacks undetected

    Our Escape from Tarkov cheats are kept safe by trying our best to eliminate all risk factors associated with detection. 
    We can do this by thorough testing and thereby eliminating the different features which we do not wish our EFT hacks to have
    because of an increased risk of detection. Our goal is always to provide the best and safest service for our customers.
    Always check the status page to see if your hack is compromised - we update it daily. 




    Our EFT hacks include all the nice features such as aimbot and esp / wallhack

    We make Escape from Tarkov hacks that come with the best tarkov aimbot, esp/wallhack avalable on the market right now. 
    The features of our hack are tremendous and we seek to have an edge compared to the competition anytime.
    At battlelog.co we make winners, and we make sure that our products are as refined as possible before we ever think about releasing it to the public as we want everyone to be satisfied with the products that we offer.



    How to get started with our EFT cheats

    Start by going to our store page and choose a product.
    Proceed with the order and wait for the confirmation, this can take a little time.
    When your key has been received please head over to our downloads page for a quick guide on how to set up your product. (This is only accessible for members) and after this you should be ready to use the new product you have bought. 
    In the case of any issues contact our support at battlelog.co/support


    Escape from Tarkov Aimbot

    Our EFT aimbot is among the most precise in the world, being coded from scratch by our coder that we all trust and love.
    We make sure you hit every bullet with our newest most updated aimbot and we try to keep it on the fine line of being safe while also being precise enough to take out the enemies that you might face around any corner. The ESP of course helps with these issues as well. 




  • Some reviews from our members:


    Firstly let me start off by saying this hack has not only change my perspective of EFT but also made the game(for me) way more fun. No one likes dying every other raid and not knowing where you got shot from.

    Setting up the hack for me was super easy, I had no problems at all. If you do have any problems feel free to ask.

    Now for the best bit, the hack.

    This product is probably one of the safest and well kept after on the market.

    EFT Prime comes with ESP and Aimbot.

    The ESP aspect of the hack is brilliant(best on the market I would say), very customizable. It has player names, player bones for PMC's, Bots and PS(player Scavs), and more. the player esp comes in 3 different colours for PMC, BOTs and PS, so you can tell who is who. Do you know how many fully gear people i've killed with just my scav? Also when using your Scav you can easily tell who is a bot and who is a player scav like you, from the ESP, so no more worrying of "is that guy a player scav or normal scav" and then dying..

    You can also turn any of these option off, so the HUD is customizable aswell. 

    The HUD for the hack itself(where all the option are) is also very easy to use and setup.

    Now for the Aimbot. I know what your thinking,  aimbot in EFT??? but yes my friends, yes! This little thing is amazing! no longer do you have to aim for that perfect shot. You just aim in there general direction and the aimbot will lock on for you! how brilliant!

    You have a number of option to select from, you have from Head to toe, you can choose to lock onto any part of any player model.

    So go get them geared guys with your shotgun to the legs!

    The aimbot also comes with a FOV circle, its sort of like having control over how close you have to aim before the toggle button of the aimbot will auto-lock onto a target. It also helps with showing you the general direction you are hip-firing/aiming (its a round circle). CQC(Close Quarter Combat) this aimbot is a life saver, but after about 150 meters u'll have to start and aim for yourself, it will still lock onto the target but u'll still have to aim up slightly as you shoot to hit the head, other then that most long distance shots after 150 meters will normally hit in the body, I would say this is for detection safety, a headshot below 100 meters is very easily possible but if your hitting headshots @ 200 meters every kill, the admins will be right up your ass 😄

    The final say is, Aimbot is brilliant and the ESP is fucking amazing!

    PLEASE NOTE, I have been using this hack for 7 days and i've done nearly 12-16 hour gaming sections each day and I'm still not banned. This hack is 100% safe.

    Things I would like to see added to the hack;

    Location of dead bodies(if someone dies while i'm in the same raid I want to know where they died or show there last position on the ESP)

    Item ESP

    Option to show which direction they are aiming (you can kind of tell with the bone ESP but I would like it a little more defined/refined)

    Also if it's possible, to add a new/different colour for Scav bosses.

    Final conclusion, I love EFT like 150% more now then when I did before hacking. I would strongly suggest using this hack if you are looking for something quick and easy to set up but also improve your game play by over 100%. 


    The aimbot is somewhat difficult to master, u'll get use to it very quickly but give yourself some time to understand how it works. but if you read this i'm going to save you some painful hours.

    When the aimbot locks onto a targets head, at lets say 60 meters, u'll still have a lot of gun sway when stood up or crouching, because of this, the aimbot wants to shoot right down the middle to the players head of were your crosshair should be(or any part you chose to lock onto), but because of the gun sway u'll actually be aiming slightly to the left or right, and will only hit the shot 25% of the time. 

    To fix this problem, bind your AIMBOT LOCK toggle key to the same key as your EFT hold breath button(mine is both mouse button 5)

    What this does is not only stops the gun from swaying slightly and missing the head at even as close as to 50 meters, but it allows the aimbot to shoot perfectly down the centre of where it wants to shoot for the head, because holding your breath centres the gun perfectly while ADS'ing

    Example; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, you shoot but you miss slightly because of gun sway. 

    Example 2; you aimlock someones head @ 60 meters, and also hold your breath at the same time (because you have bound hold breath the same button as aimbot toggle) whiling aiming and your gun will be perfectly centred for the headshot.

    once I figured this out the hack was bliss. so please please take some time to set this up. It will help out a ton!


    Member: Amaia (also official moderator at Battlelog.co)


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    • Hello, To answer your questions,    What are the prerequisites to run it? I'm on Win10 x64. 1. Windows 10 1803, 1809 and unofficially 1903 2. CPU mentioned on the page of the product in the store.    Is it as simple as download loader, open and play? Or does it require some more work to get running? It is very simple, its fast and the loader is found on our website (after purchase)   Does it work on community-modded servers? It does work on modded servers.   Are there any negative effects on the game itself; i.e. lowered frames, spikes, freezes, crashes? We haven't seen any such effects.   Using only ESP and being mindful as in; not running to enemies, playing legit - what's the likelihood of a ban? Likelihood of server ban is depending on the admin ofc, a detection-ban is up to when the product is detected which I will reply to in the next question.   When was the last detection? No MAJOR ban waves has been hitting this product, we have had a few reports now and then which often is old HWID bans that people get banned for again.    How many other persons use this cheat? We do not disclose this   Lastly, I noticed on the status page there are two categories - Regenant (private cheats) and Other (premium/prime cheats), what is the difference between those, and how does one get access to the better stuff? We do not disclose our ways of keeping things private and/or our future plans regarding safety in the industry. The products available on the store now, however is safe to use and is good. Kind Regards, Admin
    • Windows 10 is needed for EFT, and thats the case for most products.
    • Prime is updating, Private is private and only available for a few people as it is in beta right now 🙂
    • Hello! We recommend win10 1803 and 1809, however 1903 is unofficially supported.  Contact me on the support system and we can discuss regarding the 24hrs trial. 
    • Hello, contact us on the support system to answer this question.  But no, there is no russian resellers at this point, we are soon getting some new payment methods or you can use Crypto currency if need be?      It is updating right now. 
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