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    Private HWID Spoofer Enjoy your games while staying undetected. Bypass detections with the help from our RING 0 HWID Spoofers made specifically for gaming

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  •  Why Chose Battlelog instead of our competitors? 

    1) Testing and Security - As biggest Hacks provider in the world we have a dedicated team that works 24/7 to assure product quality and security, we do random project testings at least 6 times a week and spend nearly 60 hours per week on testing alone to assure product is as stable and secure as possible. 

    2) Support and Help - We offer live chat support that is guaranteed to pick up your request and answer any of your questions in under 1 minute and 30 seconds any time of the day! Try it before you buy it just press on small green button at the bottom right of your screen and see how easy it is to get support and someone to talk to. 

    3) Swap / Refund Policy - If our team is unable to help you get the product working we will swap you for free to any other project, and if after issue report we still can not get product working we will refund you the money 100% so you have no risk in giving us a shot.

    We are here for you any time any day, we hope to see you join our amazing team and try some of the best softwares this market has to offer! 

  • At Battlelog.co, we proudly present the market's leading HWID Spoofer, ensuring your utmost safety while gaming. Whether you're dealing with a previous ban or aiming to proactively safeguard yourself against potential HWID bans, our tool is expertly designed to provide effective circumvention. With our HWID Spoofer, you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, secure in the knowledge that your gaming experience is protected.


    Why use an HWID Spoofer / Changer?

    As anti-cheat technologies have evolved to become more adept at countering cheats, it's become evident that they target your computer's unique ID. This implies that acquiring a new CD key for the game or changing your IP address won't circumvent a ban. The solution lies in using an HWID Spoofer, which effectively masks your computer's identity, making it appear as if you are using a different PC.

    Our HWID Spoofer operates at ring 0, the lowest level of system access in operating systems, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety. This positions our product among the most secure and efficient on the market, providing a robust defense against the sophisticated anti-cheat systems in place today.

    The Battlelog Super Spoofer even spoofs your MAC Address

    Yes, our spoofer spoofs everything including your MAC Address. The spoofer works for most games, including:


    • Apex Legends

    • Valorant

    • Fortnite

    • Call of Duty (Warzone / Modern Warfare 3)

    • DayZ

    • The Finals

    • Escape from Tarkov (EFT)

    • GTA V/5

    • Rainbow Six Siege (R6s)

    • Rust

    • Overwatch

      And many more!! Check all supported games by pressing

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    • Thank you for your feedback, I'm happy to see you are enjoying our services and products ❤️ 
    • The product is awesome. Ryan with Customer Service was helpful as hell... Patient as can be. Very thorough in his help and willingness to get the problem solved. Spent 2hrs with him and finally got it going. If you follow the steps provided. It is painless and easy to go. Might have some additional things like myself, but well worth it.   Don't be dumb and abuse it and there isn't any issues.   Currently waiting for update right now.  No eta on if you get reimbursed for the down time it takes to update towards key or not, and no eta on update when speaking to chat. But, overall, Kick-ass product. 5/5 recommend. 
    • Thank you for your feedback and support by using our products ❤️ 
    • I purchased a key for the valorant hook cheat, however once i booted the launcher and pasted my key it didnt work as there was a problem with my drivers. I went to the support and Paul aided me with sorting the issue. Once paul had finished helping i restarted my pc. I booted the hack again and came into a problem (due to my own negligence of misreading the guide), Ethel then helped me and guided me to a way to resolve the issue. The hack is now working and the esp and softaim are very good. Overall, these people have great cheats as well as amazing staff, i will most likely purchase again and i do reccomend 
    • Thank you for your review, we fixed also Valo Hook issue you had now so I hope you have fun ❤️ 
    • After failing to get valo hook, support was very nice and was able to get my valo boom for free. I was using it for a few games and I am fairly pleased with it. The only issues I am encountering is that it is a little laggy and some times takes time to update the boxes on where people are which is misleading. And some of the settings like 3d box do not work from what I can tell. i think it would be better if you could just have like a complete outline of the characters instead of the stick body. Overall rating is a 7/10
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