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  •  High Quality New World Hacks
    Undetected New World Cheats with Aimbot, ESP, and much more!

    Looking for undetected New World hacks with Aimbot and ESP? You have come to the right place! At Battlelog, we offer the industry's best and safest New World hacks.  

  •  Why Chose Battlelog instead of our competitors? 

    1) Testing and Security - As biggest Hacks provider in the world we have a dedicated team that works 24/7 to assure product quality and security, we do random project testings at least 6 times a week and spend nearly 60 hours per week on testing alone to assure product is as stable and secure as possible. 

    2) Support and Help - We offer live chat support that is guaranteed to pick up your request and answer any of your questions in under 1 minute and 30 seconds any time of the day! Try it before you buy it just press on small green button at the bottom right of your screen and see how easy it is to get support and someone to talk to. 

    3) Swap / Refund Policy - If our team is unable to help you get the product working we will swap you for free to any other project, and if after issue report we still can not get product working we will refund you the money 100% so you have no risk in giving us a shot.

    We are here for you any time any day, we hope to see you join our amazing team and try some of the best softwares this market has to offer! 

  • New World Hacks and Cheats

    If you need undetected New World hacks then yes, you are in the right place. That’s because we go above and beyond just that.

    At Battlelog, our goal is to bridge the trust gap that exists between customers and hack providers and make the process seamless. 

    So here’s all you need to know about us before you buy a hack.

    New World Hacks


    Why Battlelog Sets The Industry Standards For New World Hacks and Cheats:


    1. Undetected New World Hacks

    One of the most important reasons why our customers love us is because our hacks, whether it is New World, Overwatch, or Bad Blood, are all undetected from the start.

    And that’s not just down to good luck. It is the hard work that our developers and support team put in behind the curtains. 

    All the hacks get tested for weeks before release. Plus, all old hacks are monitored 24*7 and updated regularly to ensure they stay one step ahead of anti-cheats.

    Another important step they take is maintaining the status page. Here’s why this page is so important.


    2. An Up-to-Date Status Page for our New World Cheats

    The worst thing any hack provider can do to its customers is let their accounts get banned by not informing them about detected hacks. 

    Also, hacks are prone to detection when they are undergoing updates. 

    By monitoring these hacks 24*7, we ensure any detected hack is flagged within hours as Inactive while hacks undergoing updates are marked as Updating.

    So before you buy or use hacks, don’t forget to check this page out. 

    We’ll also inform you about the hacks you have purchased via email. There’s also a Discord channel where we release regular updates.

    And so you know precisely when the Status page was updated, we have a date stamp right on top of the page (because that’s not something you should keep customers in the dark about).


    2. New World Hacks with 24*7 Chat Support

    Have a question about the custom loader? Or maybe you want to know about refunds and payment modes. Well, whatever the question, you no longer have to wait for help for hours or days like you would with sites that have a ticket system.

    That’s because Battlelog comes with 24*7 chat support. And you don’t have to create an account to access that either which makes it easier to clear any pre-sale doubts.

    Furthermore, the average waiting time in the queue is less than 2 minutes, irrespective of the day or time you get in touch with us. Plus, replies are pretty much instant.

    But that’s not all. 

    There’s a detailed FAQ page as well that you can check out. It covers all the common questions related to the custom loader, refunds, etc. making it another resource for quick-fire solutions. 


    3. Be part of an ever-growing community for New World Cheats

    Another great place where you can raise your concerns and doubts is the community/forum page that has over 100k+ members. 

    It is one of the most engaging communities you will cross and is managed by our moderators who readily answer your questions about Battlelog and hacks.

    Furthermore, you can start discussions with other gamers as well about consoles, games, etc., and even form new teams with like-minded gamers.


    4. 1000+ Genuine User Reviews

    If you have any doubts about us, you should check out the 1000+ user reviews on the homepage. 

    Very few sites have the transparency we do. We believe no business is perfect and constantly has to evolve to serve its customer right and thus, we have no shame in giving you the reviews as they are.

    Good or bad, they are part of us.


    5. Get New World Hacks at pocket-friendly prices

    We understand that irrespective of the technology used and even with constant monitoring and updates, all hacks are prone to anti-cheats. This is why we don’t believe any customer should overpay for them. 

    That’s the reason the hacks on our site are priced way less than on other sites. For example, you New World hacks for less than $100 on our sites for 30-days whereas 24-hour access costs less than $10.

    There’s also a 7-day pass for gamers who do not want to go all-in and only play New World occasionally. 


    Which New World Hacks Are Available on Battlelog?


    Shoot Like a Pro With Our New World Aimbot

    Isn’t it the worst thing when you spray bullets all over and it only takes one shot for your opponent to kill you? Well, not anymore. 

    We are leveling the playing field with our New World Aimbot. Aimbots are pretty popular and designed to hunt down enemies quickly as they automatically lock the aim on them.

    But to avoid suspicion and help you blend in with others, we arm them with technologies like randomization and FOV. 

    In case you didn’t know, Randomization ensures your bullets hit different body parts (because nobody nails headshots with every single shot). But if you want, you can turn it off and aim for the head with each shot. 

    Though keep in mind that it increases the chances of a ban and shouldn’t be done if you are playing with your original account.

    FOV locks the distance at which your rifle or handgun can aim accurately. The last thing you want is your handgun shooting like a sniper which is sure to raise a few eyebrows. 


    New World Wallhack And ESP

    The Aimbot only helps kill enemies that are right in front of you. But what if they are hiding behind walls and other objects? Well, that’s where Wallhack or ESP come to the party. 

    ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception and makes spotting enemies a breeze by making the walls or objects transparent. 

    You can also choose to display the enemies as bones or hitboxes which further helps you improve your aim by showing you exactly where you should aim.

    And since you already know where the enemies are, you can create better strategies with your teammates and pin them down without wasting too much ammo, health packs, or grenades. 

    Talking about ammo, health packs, and grenades, ESP also ensures you never run out of them. That’s because it shows you exactly where all the loot is. 


    New World Radar Hack

    Next up is the Radar hack which is one of the safest hacks you will find. If you already have a good aim and want to improve your killstreak further, this is pretty much the only hack you need. 

    The reason this hack is so helpful and doesn’t raise a red flag is that all it does is highlight the enemies on the map so you are no longer hunted down by annoying campers, especially if you are playing on new maps.

    Another thing it does is highlight your teammates so you are never too far away from them in case you are down and need a health pack or ammo. You can choose the colors based on your preferences


    How to Use New World Hacks from Battlelog:


    Step 1: Sign up

    The first thing you need to do before you buy a hack is to create an account on Battlelog. This also gives you access to our Discord and community. Creating an account takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is enter the required details and verify your email.


    Step 2: Purchase the New World Hacks you Want

    Next up, search for the game that you want hacks for and select a plan based on your preferences. You can either go with 24-hour access, 7-day access, or 30-day access. Making payments is easy peasy as we accept all modes of payments including VISA Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, Digital Wallets, and even Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 


    Step 3: Follow the Given Instructions 

    After you have made the payment, we’ll send you an email that details all the steps you need to follow to download and install the hacks and use the custom loader. It will also have all the settings and customizations you can alter to adjust the hacks based on your preferences. 

    Once you pay for the hacks, you'll also get a guide that details the steps to use the custom And if there’s any doubt, get in touch with the customer support team via chat.


    Step 4: The New World Custom Hack Loader

    The custom loader has been created by our developers to make using new hacks a breeze. Each game has a different custom loader so make sure you download the right one or you’ll receive an error. Also, make sure it is in the same folder as the hacks. 


    Step 4: Time to Play New World!

    Well, now that you have the New World Radar, Aimbot, etc. you should have no trouble topping the leaderboards.


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    • Hello sir, thank you for this honest an amazing review. I am glad overall you are enjoying the product, I will past this feedback onto the developer. As for the items and per server issues, this could just be down to how the community servers are modded, It's quite hard to have a fully working DayZ hack for all community servers, since there are so many ways to mod items in etc, developer cannot account for all these but has done the best he can to support nearly all servers overall. As for the DayZ blood splat issue, the developer said he will look into it already, but asked users for what servers they play on etc. If possible, please submit this to support, so dev can check, or even if it happens on official. Again thank you for the amazing review and being a part of our community ❤️
    • Hello! I went through a lot of reviews about products and didn’t see any regarding “DayZ Seven” so if this has already been discussed plz lmk! But I thought I would shed some light on my experiences with DayZ Seven! Overall I am beyond happy with the product and how it’s been running for me! But their are a couple features that don’t seem to be working; Player name sometimes works, but it’s very seldomly and it changes what players it shows names of every time you log in and out of the game. Also the players it shows names of can’t be turned off. Even if the option is checked off it’ll still show some player names. Player skeleton can’t be turned off, no matter what.  the loot esp is awesome! But is different on servers. Some show all the items within a certain radius, and on some servers it only shows items when you get close enough to them. Overall no complaints about the loot esp, kinda wish there was more options on what items you could show and hide, and I wish you could see functional cars with the esp enabled but you can’t.    The blood splatter from shooting zombies/animals/players when the Aim bot is on is too much. It’s so obscured that shooting a zombie with a small pistol when the bit is on is enough to convince someone you’re hacking.    I believe that is all my problem with DayZ seven, again I am so happy with the product and how it’s been handling for me. These are just some micro details i wanted to bring to the surface!    thanks to anyone who reads my message! 
    • Thank you very much for the beautiful detailed review. This is a review art piece. This should be the standard for reviews. I really do appreciate the work you put into this review. I am glad you have good and bad points, and some issues. Furthermore, I shall send this to the developer and see what he can do to fix this up to a better standard. Again thank you for this review, thank you for being a part of our community, thank you for the time you put into this. I shall make sure I put in twice as much time to try and get these issues fixed up for you. I hope you stay and continue to use this product and be a part of the Battlelog community ❤️
    • Pros: ESP and aimbot work Item and container ESP work Unlimited sprint, no recoil, and no sway work Mostly works as intended Cheat menu GUI looks great   Cons: Extract ESP doesn't tell you what extracts they are. They only say RegularMode, UncompletedRequirements, and NotPresent. The first includes all PMC and SCAV extracts, the second is usually just paid extracts, and the third only pops up if the extract isn't there (yet or used single use extracts).  About half the people in the lobby pop up as BOT instead of their username. I had one specific time where I shot at a guy not killing him and he got behind cover, turned around to make sure we were alone, then turned back around to find that the cheat changed his name to BOT. I've both killed and been killed by players (PMCs) that had the label BOT. No Fall Damage doesn't work. The scroll bars cheat menu GUI are tiny and very hard to click unless precisely putting your mouse over the right spot. Also it doesn't allows the use of scroll wheel in the GUI.   If I may, I would like to give a few suggestions to the creators of this cheat. Make the extracts say the name of the extract, and maybe add an option to filter out the PMC, SCAV, and CO-OP extracts or make it so that only the extracts you have in that raid show up. Fix that BOT bug I mentioned above. If possible, make an option where your hydration and energy won't go down. Make it so that the aimbot isn't active when in your inventory. Sometimes I would try to examine a new item and some guy across the map who just happened be in my crosshairs would make my mouse move away when hitting my aim button. Put extracts like Climber's Trail on Shoreline under UncompletedRequirements if they don't have a paracord in their inventory. I got this cheat mostly as a way to help me learn the maps. It was incredibly annoying to not only not know which extracts were which, but also to go to a SCAV extract or Climber's Trail thinking I could extract there as all I saw was RegularMode and then finding out I couldn't.
    • Hello sir, sorry you have this issue, though it is pretty common. 1) Make sure you disabled / remove any ad blockers. 2) Make sure you have no antivirus add-ons to your browser, as these can block it too. 3) Try incognito mode, this fixes it for a lot of people. 4) Lastly, if all else has failed, download a new browser you have never used before, do not install any add-ons or modify it, and simply use it for battlelog only. This will 100% fix it, but I know not everyone wants to do this. So it's a last resort. As for the error, maybe try extracting the loader, the password for this is "Battlelog" (Without the quotes), then run the loader, and you can use your key there now. Hope all this helps, and you're able to use live chat support and/or fix the issue. ❤️
    • Downloaded Cronus, Everytime i put in the product key it says there is an error. Go to the support page to figure this out. There is no support buttons  anywhere. You click the support tab it'll direct you to a page that says look for this green button on all the pages. Doesn't work and it isn't there. 
    • Thank you for this honest review. We are glad you are happy here and have found a home with us. We will try our very best to keep this standard in your review as high as possible. Thank you for being a part of our community ❤️ 
    • It's not even about the array of cheats they offer but for me simply it's how easy cheats are to implement. Initial setup for PC aside, actually injecting the cheats is so simple and convenient. The cheats I tried before required you to play two whole games and sometimes they still wouldn't work but Battlelog's Vaderr for Valorant is just so easy to set up and so good at what it does.   I highly recommend this and because I have had such a good experience, I would recommend you guys go for the longer packages.    Thanks to the Battlelog team and the Vader development team!
    • Hello sir, thank you for the honest review. We appreciate you supporting us and being a part of our community. What you described is picture-perfect of what we aim to deliver here at Battlelog. I am glad you are able to see this. I want to thank you for sticking with us and being very patients while we worked on your issue and either resolve it or get you on something that does work, which I do believe we have. Again thank you sticking with us, even through frustrating times and now finally being on the other end, you are enjoying the products. Thank you for the kind words towards support, but the real MVP is patients from you, the customer, which allows us to work with you and able to get things fixed / sorted, so you have a good experience. Thanks ❤️
    • So, I previously had issues getting a cheat to work correctly and left a review based on that experience alone. However, having used these products for a few days now, I want to change my review to something that better reflects the service given here. I did have an issue, and it was resolved by the developers here, giving me some extended time on another product, which worked great, and I am thankful for that.  The support and live chat are 10/10. Honestly, they put other bigger businesses to shame, and the team who deliver the products generally want them to work for the customer and will do what they can to get them working. No joke, when I struggled to get one product working, Lee & Han from support spent hours in live chat with me going over everything on my PC - they're great and very patient.  Since the single product that didn't work, I haven't had any issues. The products are good, the service is great, and I will be buying from Battlelog in the future for sure 👍
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