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    Looking for undetected New World hacks with Aimbot and ESP? You have come to the right place! At Battlelog, we offer the industry's best and safest New World hacks.  

  • New World Hacks and Cheats

    If you need undetected New World hacks then yes, you are in the right place. That’s because we go above and beyond just that.

    At Battlelog, our goal is to bridge the trust gap that exists between customers and hack providers and make the process seamless. 

    So here’s all you need to know about us before you buy a hack.

    New World Hacks


    Why Battlelog Sets The Industry Standards For New World Hacks and Cheats:


    1. Undetected New World Hacks

    One of the most important reasons why our customers love us is because our hacks, whether it is New World, Overwatch, or Bad Blood, are all undetected from the start.

    And that’s not just down to good luck. It is the hard work that our developers and support team put in behind the curtains. 

    All the hacks get tested for weeks before release. Plus, all old hacks are monitored 24*7 and updated regularly to ensure they stay one step ahead of anti-cheats.

    Another important step they take is maintaining the status page. Here’s why this page is so important.


    2. An Up-to-Date Status Page for our New World Cheats

    The worst thing any hack provider can do to its customers is let their accounts get banned by not informing them about detected hacks. 

    Also, hacks are prone to detection when they are undergoing updates. 

    By monitoring these hacks 24*7, we ensure any detected hack is flagged within hours as Inactive while hacks undergoing updates are marked as Updating.

    So before you buy or use hacks, don’t forget to check this page out. 

    We’ll also inform you about the hacks you have purchased via email. There’s also a Discord channel where we release regular updates.

    And so you know precisely when the Status page was updated, we have a date stamp right on top of the page (because that’s not something you should keep customers in the dark about).


    2. New World Hacks with 24*7 Chat Support

    Have a question about the custom loader? Or maybe you want to know about refunds and payment modes. Well, whatever the question, you no longer have to wait for help for hours or days like you would with sites that have a ticket system.

    That’s because Battlelog comes with 24*7 chat support. And you don’t have to create an account to access that either which makes it easier to clear any pre-sale doubts.

    Furthermore, the average waiting time in the queue is less than 2 minutes, irrespective of the day or time you get in touch with us. Plus, replies are pretty much instant.

    But that’s not all. 

    There’s a detailed FAQ page as well that you can check out. It covers all the common questions related to the custom loader, refunds, etc. making it another resource for quick-fire solutions. 


    3. Be part of an ever-growing community for New World Cheats

    Another great place where you can raise your concerns and doubts is the community/forum page that has over 100k+ members. 

    It is one of the most engaging communities you will cross and is managed by our moderators who readily answer your questions about Battlelog and hacks.

    Furthermore, you can start discussions with other gamers as well about consoles, games, etc., and even form new teams with like-minded gamers.


    4. 1000+ Genuine User Reviews

    If you have any doubts about us, you should check out the 1000+ user reviews on the homepage. 

    Very few sites have the transparency we do. We believe no business is perfect and constantly has to evolve to serve its customer right and thus, we have no shame in giving you the reviews as they are.

    Good or bad, they are part of us.


    5. Get New World Hacks at pocket-friendly prices

    We understand that irrespective of the technology used and even with constant monitoring and updates, all hacks are prone to anti-cheats. This is why we don’t believe any customer should overpay for them. 

    That’s the reason the hacks on our site are priced way less than on other sites. For example, you New World hacks for less than $100 on our sites for 30-days whereas 24-hour access costs less than $10.

    There’s also a 7-day pass for gamers who do not want to go all-in and only play New World occasionally. 


    Which New World Hacks Are Available on Battlelog?


    Shoot Like a Pro With Our New World Aimbot

    Isn’t it the worst thing when you spray bullets all over and it only takes one shot for your opponent to kill you? Well, not anymore. 

    We are leveling the playing field with our New World Aimbot. Aimbots are pretty popular and designed to hunt down enemies quickly as they automatically lock the aim on them.

    But to avoid suspicion and help you blend in with others, we arm them with technologies like randomization and FOV. 

    In case you didn’t know, Randomization ensures your bullets hit different body parts (because nobody nails headshots with every single shot). But if you want, you can turn it off and aim for the head with each shot. 

    Though keep in mind that it increases the chances of a ban and shouldn’t be done if you are playing with your original account.

    FOV locks the distance at which your rifle or handgun can aim accurately. The last thing you want is your handgun shooting like a sniper which is sure to raise a few eyebrows. 


    New World Wallhack And ESP

    The Aimbot only helps kill enemies that are right in front of you. But what if they are hiding behind walls and other objects? Well, that’s where Wallhack or ESP come to the party. 

    ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception and makes spotting enemies a breeze by making the walls or objects transparent. 

    You can also choose to display the enemies as bones or hitboxes which further helps you improve your aim by showing you exactly where you should aim.

    And since you already know where the enemies are, you can create better strategies with your teammates and pin them down without wasting too much ammo, health packs, or grenades. 

    Talking about ammo, health packs, and grenades, ESP also ensures you never run out of them. That’s because it shows you exactly where all the loot is. 


    New World Radar Hack

    Next up is the Radar hack which is one of the safest hacks you will find. If you already have a good aim and want to improve your killstreak further, this is pretty much the only hack you need. 

    The reason this hack is so helpful and doesn’t raise a red flag is that all it does is highlight the enemies on the map so you are no longer hunted down by annoying campers, especially if you are playing on new maps.

    Another thing it does is highlight your teammates so you are never too far away from them in case you are down and need a health pack or ammo. You can choose the colors based on your preferences


    How to Use New World Hacks from Battlelog:


    Step 1: Sign up

    The first thing you need to do before you buy a hack is to create an account on Battlelog. This also gives you access to our Discord and community. Creating an account takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is enter the required details and verify your email.


    Step 2: Purchase the New World Hacks you Want

    Next up, search for the game that you want hacks for and select a plan based on your preferences. You can either go with 24-hour access, 7-day access, or 30-day access. Making payments is easy peasy as we accept all modes of payments including VISA Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, Digital Wallets, and even Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 


    Step 3: Follow the Given Instructions 

    After you have made the payment, we’ll send you an email that details all the steps you need to follow to download and install the hacks and use the custom loader. It will also have all the settings and customizations you can alter to adjust the hacks based on your preferences. 

    Once you pay for the hacks, you'll also get a guide that details the steps to use the custom And if there’s any doubt, get in touch with the customer support team via chat.


    Step 4: The New World Custom Hack Loader

    The custom loader has been created by our developers to make using new hacks a breeze. Each game has a different custom loader so make sure you download the right one or you’ll receive an error. Also, make sure it is in the same folder as the hacks. 


    Step 4: Time to Play New World!

    Well, now that you have the New World Radar, Aimbot, etc. you should have no trouble topping the leaderboards.


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    • As the title states. This is for reviews of our products! For questions or issues, please visit live chat support. https://battlelog.co/supportsys/  This is also not a place to cry about a bans. Hacking is always a risk and those are the risks we take when hacking. Please leave a fair review of your product experience.  Thanks ❤️ We hope you enjoy your experience at Battlelog.co
    • Hello, if you are referring to MW2 Odin, then updating times can vary depending on what's being done. If its just a general update to support latest cod patch, then it can be anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours. ALL time lost is compensated back to your key though. If it still is MW2 Odin you are talking about then I am afraid this update is going to be longer.. multiple days, but cannot say for sure how many. The developer took the hack down as he was not happy with the performance of the product and is doing ALOT of big changes, which should bring a better overall product and most importantly a safer product. I hope this helps ❤️ 
    • The help I have received has been very helpful on the support side of things, the process to install was overwhelming at first, but easy, nonetheless. My only issue is that my package is being "updated" within the first hour of me using it for the first time. I am not sure how long these typically take to finish updating and support cannot give me a round-a-bout answer. If anyone knows if they are typically updated within a few hours, few days, or few weeks I would love an estimated answer. I know nobody knows an exact time, it would just be nice to have a very rough estimate of when they are usually back up and running for ones needing updated in the past. 
    • Hello sir, firstly no problem, Battlelog is always happy to put a smile on a customers face 🙂 I am glad I could help ❤️  As for your "HWID Mismatch" this is either because you have used a before before entering your key, so it has changed your system, so the key does not recognize the system its registered too, or if you re-installed windows, this can also cause the error. If its the first option, then all you need to do is restart your PC and Inject the hack first, once the hack is ready, inject the spoofer and then once thats done, you can then launch the game. If its because you re-installed windows or something else, you simply just need to contact support live chat and they will make a ticket with your key and reset it for you. Once the key has been reset it can be registered to your knew HWID. Hope this helps ❤️ 
    • I showed the mods the screenshot you said and they gave me two 7 week keys, I've been following the steps to navigate an unban. I wanted to test my 24 hour Quantum key before entering my 7 week one's but i get the error "hwid mismatch". Should I just try my 7 week keys and hope it allows me to play on my new account?
    • Hello, thank you for the review. More features will be added as time goes on. 🙂 
    • Great product. Would be better with warzone loot esp, vehicle esp, bot esp (for DMZ) features but overall its great. I like the setup and security of the product.
    • Hello, sorry to hear about your disability, my condolences. There is only slight differences in steps to be taken between the two products. In the new MW2, you no longer need to have discord overlay enabled. Please disable this. Apart from that 1 step, everything else is completely the same. So just run MW2 Quantum as if you was going to run MW VIP Quantum. The only difference is the game you are launching. (obviously haha) Oh, one last thing, once you have activated your key in the client, you will need to go to the hack menu website and go to "misc" tab and select OFF = Steam version and ON = Battlenet version. Make sure you do this before you inject the cheat otherwise it will not work. Hopefully this helps and isnt to much. If you are really not confident, then you can always book another setup, and the agent will do it all for you 🙂 also thank you for being a loyal customer, we really appreicate it 🙂 Hope this all helps! ❤️ 
    • Thank you for these kinds words. I shall let Cleo know 🙂❤️ 
    • Hello, sorry to hear this. If you check online there has been ALOT of false bans with "caserma-rhinio" just need to google the name and you will see tons of posts, people who have played every single cod game have been banned. Again I am very sorry for this and all I can do is apologise and maybe try appeal the ban. This ban was not in anyway caused by us or our product.. like I say, just google the name and you will see for your self. What we can do though is maybe try help you bypass the HWID ban so you can play again on a new account. We have a guide here:  Hope this helps ❤️ 
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