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  • Why Choose Battlelog For War Thunder Hacks?

    Simply put, the efforts and attention to detail our highly-skilled and experienced game-hacking professionals put into curating our War Thunder hacks automatically make them the best-in-class and most secure cheats in the game enhancement industry.

    Our Battlelog team has spent countless hours curating these cheats and hacks and ensuring they function consistently. Above this, our coding experts constantly monitor anti-cheat crawlers and other third-party applications lurking on the game servers to prevent cheat detection and account flagging.

    We also roll out frequent updates to ensure the safety of your gaming profile while you conveniently defend your battalion and get across enemy lines to get your hands on some well-deserved loot.


    What is the Process for Using Battlelog’s War Thunder Cheats?

    You can follow the given steps to begin a new War Thunder journey full of top-notch raids and defensive masterclasses.

    1. Create an account and sign in:
    As the first step towards obtaining Battlelog's War Thunder cheats, you must create a Battlelog account and log in. You can use this account to access the various game enhancement products you purchase from us. In addition, you get access to 24/7 live chat support, private forums, and other services to help you get started.

    2. Select the War Thunder cheats you require:
    You must select from our wide range of War Thunder hacks, including the aimbot hack, wallhack, radar hack, and ESP. Choosing multiple hacks will often make you eligible for a discount.

    3. Purchase your package:
    Once you've selected the hacks you require, the Battlelog website will assemble it into a customized package, which you must pay for to complete your purchase.

    4. Go through the guide videos:
    Upon completing your purchase, you'll receive your customized War Thunder hacks package in the "My Products" section. Go through the hack guides to learn how to use the hack, launch the hack loader, and start raiding your enemies with a super-fleet at your disposal.


    Do You Receive Support by Purchasing Our War Thunder Hacks?

    Yes, gamers who purchase their game enhancements from Battlelog receive lifetime support through calls, chats, and emails at their convenience. This practice allows us to eliminate hacking bugs, launcher issues, or any other misbehavior in the code.

    We proudly claim that our support team has assisted over a thousand customers in the past few years. More importantly, apart from communication and assistance, our customer support team specializes in backend and frontend knowledge to help customers facing issues while using our War Thunder hacks gain an advantage on the battlefield - all without a turbulent utility process.

    Are you experiencing an issue while using our War Thunder hacks and cheats? We’re just a click away!


    Is It Safe to Trust Battlelog For War Thunder Cheats?

    Besides designing hacks of utmost effectiveness, our primary objective at Battlelog is to protect our clients from cheat detection and poor hack loading speeds. Hence, our extended team of experienced hacking specialists and gaming network operators performs regular tests on our game enhancement products to ensure a smooth ride for amateur and expert online gamers!

    As a result of such a practice, we identify loopholes and code malfunctions that could cause our clients setbacks. Once we recognize a deficiency in our game enhancements, we rest only when the gaps are fixed and the software's functionality has been restored.

    All in all, our dedication and everlasting desire to evolve our War Thunder hacking products effectively steer our customers clear of possible detections and in-game bans.


    Why Choose Battlelog For Your War Thunder Hacks?

    We’ve spent several years ensuring the quality, effectiveness, and security of our hacking products, as a result of which we’ve established Battlelog as a brand synonymous with reliability and trust. 

    Consequently, with utmost humility, we’ve become the masters of creating and deploying untraceable cheats for numerous games, including War Thunder.

    Rest assured, Battlelog provides maintenance and support in many ways, such as the following:

    ● Forums
    ● Timely updates to avoid cheat detection
    ● Instant notifications
    ● News updates
    ● Ready-to-help support team

    When you combine the above-mentioned support-based resources with our hacking software subjected to frequent penetration tests and updates, Battlelog emerges as the most trustworthy supplier of game enhancements.

    Also, it's important to note that we maintain strict hiring standards, including steering clear of coders with inadequate experience. Such hiring standards separate us from low-quality hack suppliers and put us in a league of our own. Instead, Battlelog invests faith in prospects with more than enough experience designing, tweaking, and maintaining cheats for online games. 

    Bonus Read: It’s your time to shine now! Grab your premium DayZ hacks and cheats, and get onto destroying your enemies with ultimate ease.


    Battlelog’s War Thunder Hacks

    The damage caused by airstrikes, missile attacks, and tank raids from other players in the game can eliminate you in the blink of an eye, resulting in the loss of your loot. On top of that, you’ve no traditional method to predict when a player’s fleet, battalion, or platoon may attack you while you’re already amidst a battle.

    Our Battlelog War Thunder hacks allow you to kill your opponents within a second, see stealthily moving enemies behind obstacles and houses, locate enemies from across your area, and many more.

    War Thunder Aimbot Hacks

    Battlelog’s War Thunder aimbot hacks enable you to turn on an auto-aim feature that aims for you and even fires without your manual intervention, effortlessly facilitating kills. 

    This enhancement allows you to map a key to the auto-aiming, and all you have to do is press that particular key to lock on to an adversary and fire at them.

    Notably, your ability to aim still depends on how quickly your jet, tank, or jeep can go. Remember, this aimbot hack is effective in naval, air, and ground combat since each aim is nearly identical.

    Such aimbot hacks are typically easy to detect, but thanks to our impenetrable code and timely updates, you need not worry about possible detection or account bans.

    War Thunder ESP Hacks

    ESP stands for Extrasensory Perception, and this hack shows you information often not included in your user interface.

    The "aiming at you" warning in War Thunder that alerts you when someone is aiming at you is perhaps helpful. So given that you have these few more seconds to avoid being taken down, using our War Thunder ESP hack can render you incredibly overpowering.

    Besides, War Thunder ESP hacks can show the enemy's location, health, ammunition, and a tonne of other vital data. This hack will be handy in significantly brutal conflicts involving naval, terrestrial, and aerial troops. You also gain access to Loot ESP, Item ESP, NPC ESP, and PVP ESP. 

    Arguably, this ESP hack proves to be most successful in Ground Forces (Tank) battles since that is where players have the worst vision of their enemies. Beyond that, the application of this War Thunder ESP hack will be substantial in specific sea maps and air maps, especially the ones involving more in-game obstructions.

    War Thunder Wallhack

    The War Thunder wallhack is an evolved variation of the ESP hack, and it’s designed with the idea and accuracy to help players see foes behind any in-game physical barrier, such as walls, vehicles, mountains, and so on. 

    What’s more, our Battlelog ESP hack has a visibility check feature that indicates whether or not you can shoot an enemy through a wall.

    Interestingly, our customers can modify the opacity level they wish to deploy on the in-game physical barriers.

    When used with our Battlelog ESP hack, you achieve the "Godly" status in War Thunder because, just like the almighty, you become all-knowing, all-seeing, and immensely aware of your enemies on all maps.

    War Thunder Radar Hack

    The War Thunder Radar Hack is an additional mini-map showing any information you choose to analyze. You can choose whether to view cars, players, loot, etc. 

    Getting this hack's Commander Slot is helpful while playing Simulation Battles since it allows you to watch the entire battle map and be aware of everything that moves.

    This cheat also protects you from anti-cheat software and third-party monitoring by employing a fastened code that avoids IP address identification and detection. Due to this feature, players can immerse themselves completely in erasing the existence of their opponents in War Thunder.


    Why Choose Battlelog As Your Supplier Of War Thunder Cheat?

    At Battlelog, we treasure a group of hackers and programmers who produce an ever-growing number of cheat codes for FPS players. War Thunder cheats and hacks are the way to go, whether you're a novice who finds it challenging to defeat opponents or a veteran who wants to get the best riches in the game!

    We produce cheats for many battle royale games for players globally. And to top it all off, these are underpinned by a security-focused architecture.

    Thanks to such a setup, you can use Battlelog's cheats with minimal inconvenience. It removes the possibility of getting detected by the game's anti-cheat mechanism. You can easily dominate your cross-border enemies in War Thunder by trusting our cheats and other game enhancements.

    Bonus Read: Get your hand on these top-notch, tried-and-tested Super People hacks and cheats known to be the most affordable, dependable, and effective in the gaming world.

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    • Thank you for your review, we fixed also Valo Hook issue you had now so I hope you have fun ❤️ 
    • After failing to get valo hook, support was very nice and was able to get my valo boom for free. I was using it for a few games and I am fairly pleased with it. The only issues I am encountering is that it is a little laggy and some times takes time to update the boxes on where people are which is misleading. And some of the settings like 3d box do not work from what I can tell. i think it would be better if you could just have like a complete outline of the characters instead of the stick body. Overall rating is a 7/10
    • Thank you for your feedback, I hope you enjoy it for very long time ❤️ 
    • Pros: - clean and clear configuration guide - efficient contact with the moderator - moderate prices - the code works well on a clean, prepared Windows 10 system after cheating - I recommend  🤙
    • Thank you for your kind words and I'm very happy to see you are enjoying our product ♥️
    • I hesitated at first and only purchased a one-day plan, but I liked it so much that I ended up buying a seven-day plan. I plan to continue purchasing in the future. While I am satisfied with the performance, I am particularly impressed with the friendly support agents and their quick responses. They were the kindest and most helpful support team I have ever encountered. Everything is satisfactory, but if I had to point out a downside, it would be that the accuracy in headshot detection isn't as good as expected. However, I believe this is reasonable to avoid any bans. I wish happiness and good fortune to everyone reading this.
    • Thank you for your feedback, we will look to further improve the product as time goes by, I hope you enjoy it ❤️ 
    • Great product little buggy which is expected for a brand new product. Aimbot is spotty, it's a 50/50 if you will lock on specific zone and fails to lock in close quarters. Would love to see an attribute boost such as stamina or carry weight.
    • Thank you for the amazing feedback sir, we love to hear form you guys and your experiences with our products ❤️  Gray Zone is now released, I hope you have fun with it 🙂
    • Thanks a lot for the great work, guys. The hack is flawless. Great aimbot, great usability and perfect ESP. Easy to install and in less than 10 minutes I was already playing. Great job! Looking forward to try the Gray Zone Warfare cheat that seems to be in development!
    • Thank you for your feedback sir, we will work with developer to further improve your experience ❤️ 
    • SoT Wallhack works perfectly and is very good. As far as the aimbot goes, it's mediocre. Aimbot doesn't always aim at the target, so the weapons jump out of focus on a different target than the one you want to hit.
    • Thank you for your feedback sir, we will speak to developer team and see how we can further improve your experience ❤️
    • I am a Days Strike buyer. This cheat works very well. However, this does not particularly apply to various silencers and plastic explosives. Please improve the function.
    • Thank you for your feedback sir ♥️ Our HWID Spoofer Seven and Ultimate will work on Hunt ShowDown feel free to use it if you need it 😊
    • huntshowdown cheat is the best and safest cheat i ever used i give it 10%10 everything is working so well  but what annoyed me the most is there is no spoofer for huntshowdown i hope u guys make spoofer for huntshowdown in the future and thank you <3
    • Thank you for amazing and detailed review, we will send points over to developer team and see how we can further improve your experience ❤️
    • Pros of Using EFT Cheats: 1. Enhanced Survival. Cheats can help you stay alive longer by improving your accuracy, making you harder to kill, and granting you the ability to see through walls. This advantage can be crucial in a game as challenging as EFT, where death often results in losing valuable gear. 2. Competitive Edge. Whether it’s pinpoint accuracy or advanced information about enemy positions, these cheats can elevate your gameplay. 3. Exploration and Learning. Some players use cheats to explore maps, learn game mechanics, and experiment with different strategies. This can be especially helpful for newcomers (Like Myself) who want to understand the game world without the constant threat of death.  5. Boosted Confidence. Having an advantage over opponents can boost your confidence. Knowing that you have an edge in terms of accuracy and information can positively impact your gameplay and let you just have fun. 6. Smooth. Cheats are smooth and just feel and look clean when using them. If you use any of the other products for EFT they are also pretty solid but when it comes to look and feel none of them compare to EFT Seven. When it comes to paying for what you get it is well beyond worth it. The other versions just felt a bit more "Clunky" and not so streamlined. Seven trumps that and provides that clean and non-conspicuous.  7. They Work. Cheats work and don't get you banned. What I mean by that is if you are using the cheats without the well-known "Rage" attitude you will have nothing but smooth sailing. I will not give the exact time I have used the EFT Seven cheats but I will say that for the amount of time I have used them against "BATTLE EYE" I have not been warned not banned or even shadow banned. Be smart with your cheats and listen to what the staff say when using them and you will have fun.  8. They Work. Support is phenomenal. This does apply to all cheats offered on Battlelog but I will say with the trouble I did have solutions were brought quickly and the best part is...they worked! Other cheat providers I had gone through in the past were never as dedicated as the team here. I for one want to thank them for that! Thank You for providing me with a clean and efficient experience with the products I purchased.  Cons 1. Aimbot/ESP issue. It only really seems to occur when equipping a scope that is 2x zoom or greater. Rather than adapting to the zoom the ESP box seems to not really zoom with you scope so unless skeleton is on you are not really sure where a player or AI is headed when scoped at them. The only benefit to getting this fixed is I would not have to use skeleton (I prefer not to). When using "Less" of the available options you can stay secure for longer and not get banned as fast. When it comes to the aimbot since it does not zoom with the scope it will flick back and forth rather than just giving you that clean shot.  2. BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). This does not happen often or just doesn't happen at all. I will say I run the game at low specs and my computer is hefty enough to handle simple ESP boxes and aimbot now and again, but I do run into an issue every so often where it will just crash my computer. I would say every 8 Scav/PMC mission. Only downside is I have to reload the cheats and pick up where I left off.  3. ESP Glitching. This also applies to all the EFT cheats. If an AI is in the Tank that is in some of the maps it will cause the ESP for that specific player/AI to glitch underground and then back to normal. It is not great on the eyes and could use some gentle touches :D   Overall, this cheat is well worth the time and effort, and I Highly Recommend it to anyone who is considering but not sure. Just full send. I promise you will not regret it and you will become a regular subscriber to this cheat as I have. Cheers and Good Luck to all! ❤️ ~KIWI~  
    • Thank you for your feedback, I will speak to dev team to see what we can do related to save configuration as suggested ❤️
    • Thank you for your honest and detailed review, we really appreciate it ❤️
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