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COD MW/WZ VIP Private Quantum review


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I think that after trying it for almost 1 month and not being the first time that I buy a hack on this website, I feel that as always battlelog always delivers a quality service both in support and in the hacks it has,

Now I go to the hack a bit I feel that everything is perfect and it is comfortable to use and now with the cloud it is something different but I feel that it is fine, which if not all a difference in how the loders worked before and the strength of the hack inside of the game, even if you lower the aimbot, it still feels legitimate, which is fine for me, but I would have liked it to be like before I locked the enemy, since it is no longer like that and many bullets miss, I understand that surely it is for that It seems legitimate but at least in the configurations the aimbot does not make much difference if you make it stronger or less strong that is the only thing that I could say that I do not like but with respect to everything else as always 1000% Recommended, what I like I would like to see more on this website, maybe it would be better prices on some hacks, I feel that some are over the cost of the competition

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Hello, thank you for the honest review, we at Battlelog appreciate it a lot. The aimbot for quantum is designed to be as safe as possible, so it is not possible to set it to snap lock targets, this would cause more bans for people abusing, so to keep the product the best it can be, we just limit how far people can push it and force people to be as safe as possible. I hope that makes sense. We try our best to deliver the best but most importantly the safest products.  

As for pricing there are a lot of things that come into that, I cannot go into much detail but we have cost of site, support staff etc etc. Even with all this we still manage to have better prices or just as good as our competition.  

Thanks for choosing Battlelog and sticking with us. We wish for many many more happy memories, new cod is just around the corner ❤️ 

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