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Feedback for Rust Deluxe


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I used the cheat for 24 hours and it was undetected. But to be honest when submitting a feedback, you pay a fee of $53.90 and not enough features.

my thoughts
- The interface should be changed in tab form and made more useful.
- Players appear as Survivors instead of names. This is other Ore, Animal etc. When you open things, it causes difficulty to use. A feature such as turning player names on and off should also be added for this version.
- There is no color changing feature for this version, but different developer-specified colors should be used instead. Because everything is white is very confusing.

For example;
Cast - Red
Sleepers - Orange
Corpses - White
Animals - Green
Mines - Yellow
Tool Capboard - Purple

In this way, it will be more useful when you open them all at the same time in the interface.

I am aware that there is an upgrade version of this software, it has much more features here and all colors are customizable.

However, I think the monthly fee for both cheats is too high. I bought cheats from many cheat developers' sites and this is the site I've paid the most money for so far.

You can restrict the features in this regard, but I want you to know that the price paid for the features you offer is high.

The price stated for Deluxe 24h is reasonable, as the number of days increases, it would be a more logical move to make the price a little cheaper.

Check the prices of many cheat developers on the market, the 30 day Rust cheat "aimbot, esp, name, box etc" with all the features ranges from $30 to $40.

I love this site, I bought a cheat for a different game with a different account. Safe and constantly innovative. However, it is a bit expensive compared to other competitors in terms of price. Also, you don't offer discounts on special days.

I hope you can get 10% 20% off on many holidays such as Black Friday, New Year's Holiday, Summer Vacation, Halloween, Easter :D

Finally, please bring a lifetime license system like other developers. You can't do this for all games, but I'm sure it will be in high demand on a single game.

People find it more convenient to pay $200-300 for a lifetime license instead of paying $40 for cheats per month :D of course this is just a suggestion.

In my overall feedback, the lack of colors and player names in the interface is a major shortcoming. If you add this for this version, I will buy again. Otherwise I will regret purchasing from a different developer. Thanks.

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Hello, thank you for the detailed feedback this is very nice. Our prices are vary, same as all other developers, we have a lot of under costs, such as live chat support 24/7/365, I know this might not be something you benefit from but its something we have to add into our costs, along with many other things and we are still able to be competitive with others, even with all our over heads. 

As for the deluxe menu, we have spoken to the developer already and he's working on making all the deluxe menus a lot better. I will pass this feedback on though. 

Lifetime licenses is not an option for us, as we need to keep money flowing, as do many, the people offering "lifetime" licenses, don't need to look to the future, they are just here to make money here and now, we are here and look to the future. Just part of business really. 

As for discounts, yes we run holiday discounts, we recently did black Friday discounts, and we will for sure offer a Christmas discount code and New years discount code. I believe there is also a secret, not so secret discount code, which is "BATTLELOGTHEBEST".


Thanks ❤️ 

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