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ETA on Deluxe for EFT?


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Hello guys, since I was not lucky with support I will try asking here for more visibility, I bought Deluxe for EFT and was wondering when it will come online.
While waiting I got a cheat from another site but it got me banned within hours, so I wonder if Deluxe will be undetectable as well.


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Hello, sorry to hear that. I would firstly recommend making sure you are not HWID banned, if so you will need a spoofer and I would suggest playing with a spoofer for couple of days to make sure you are 100% bypassing the HWID ban. If you dont get banned after 3-4 days of using a spoofer, then you should be all good and spoofer is working. 

As for Deluxe I dont have an ETA right now, sorry. EFT is pretty hard to bypass, but once its back to "Working" status then yes it will be undetected. We are also looking at getting a few more EFT cheats but we are still testing the waters with those products, so cant promise anything new as of yet. Sorry I cannot be more specific, best not to rust these things and fully test to make sure its undetected before we change back to working. 

Please do make sure your not HWID banned though, take this time to secure yourself an account and if you get banned instantly, using nothing, you are 100% HWID banned and will need a spoofer, then get another account and use a spoofer as described above to make sure all is good for when we release. Last thing you need / want is for us to release as working and you try with a new account and get banned straight away because you did not check for HWID bans. 

Hope all this helps and answers all and any questions ❤️ 

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