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Valorant Review


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I am going to be as honest as it can get.

Customer Service: First of all, Frost is amazing never had an issue with him he is always patient and replies quickly. I suggest not worrying about the quality of service here.

Price: I know the Devs work very very hard to keep multiple cheats up and running, but I live in Canada and for a month the hack is $230+ for me for whats offered, and I think that is a little much considering MW is cheaper and valor ant is a free game.

Detection: Trust me, if you keep a watch on the website and they say it isn't detected, it's not. I have played and used everything the cheat had offered and no gotten detected. Just be sure to follow directions.(It depends on what you do with the hack rather than it actually being detected) 

Cheat Options: I know it is a new game, obviously time is needed to add more options for the cheat, but I will put it this way. 

ESP: Works, but at times I forget I have esp because the 2D box gets stuck at locations and once you get there, no one is there, I have to say VERY buggy even with it being a new game, don't make it that price at least.(No Charms)

Aim bot : I mean, doesn't have No Spread | Recoil options which again, for the price is not worth, but does have smoothness and other options you can play around with for advantages

Misc: Option for cross hair.

Over all I think with a bit more options and price getting lowered to match the cheat it's self, would be 10/10 but I would give it a 6/10.



No disrespect to the devs or staff was meant here just giving my experience.


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