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PUBG Premium 24HR Key Review / Setup Guide


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 Payment: Payment was done via paypal, quick and easy! I have never paid for a hack so fast in my life!

After the payment you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, and a link to the download page and also a link to were you can find your key(under Store>manage purchases)

The hack is very easy to set-up and we shall have a video guide out shortly, for now its a simple as 1,2,3

  1. download the files from the PUBG Premium page and restart after installation. 
  2. download the launcher
  3. load up launcher as admin
  4. select pubg
  5. click activate key
  6. paste key
  7. launch hack
  8. start steam as admin
  9. start pubg
  10. once in lobby press F2 ONCE to load the hack
  11. Press HOME KEY to TOGGLE the menu on and off

Now the hack is very good, I used it for about 9-10 hours and didnt catch a ban, I won a couple of games and spent a couple trying to adjust to the hack. The best thing about Battlelog hacks are, that they still require you to some what be able to aim and understand the game.

The Features: Now you can see the list of features on the store page of the hack its self, but let me tell you, it is AMAZING..

You want an AWM, well there's a crate 900m over there go get it.

You want a car? 400m over there mate.

Someone camping in a corner? I DONT THINK SO..

Fed up of the RNG when you land and don't find a gun??? well look no further friend... this hack has it ALL.

Now lets talk about the HUD its pretty easy to use, you can toggle it with home and adjust settings mid game, personally I never did, I just stuck the aimbot on headshot only for when I just want to dick someone and mostly aim myself @ around the chest area, but let me tell you, this hack is deadly with a Kar98, Awm, any sniping gun really, its pretty OP!

The in-game HUD is also pretty nice, you can see attachments and stuff etc etc with the ESP, you get the idea.. 

It's just all in all a good well rounded hack, there's not much more I can really say, it has everything you need.

Criticism: You would think I would have someone to say but I honestly don't, this hack is just perfect the way it is. I mean, maybe if there was a toggle button to add, so late game you only see players, sometimes the screen can get a little cluttered with the ESP but you can turn the item ESP off, but you still see some stuff, but apart from that this hack is perfect. 

If you want a hack to purchase and just jump right in and have some fun, then this is the hack for you!

I would rate this product 5/5. 

I strongly suggest you try it out for yourself too!


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