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RST Regnant - Review


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Been more than a Month that im using that cheat. 150 Hours and still no VAC BANN.

Verry easy to buy, accept Paypal and CC.


Cheat is pretty good, no FPS drop with that one, compared to others Rust Cheat around.

Aimbot - 9/10 - I would add a Visible Check and Config Aim Key


ESP - 9/10 - Awesome, I would add Animals ESP, Elite,Military Create.


MISC - 10/10 - All the features works verry good and all safe !


Stream Proof cheat.


Don't hesitate to buy this Cheat, it's the best around !

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19 hours ago, Titiez said:

Forgot to add, Aimbot should have more AimPoints. Like Chest,Legs.

Thanks for the heads up, yes we will be working on that.

Thanks for the nice review, glad you enjoy our products. 

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I enjoy this cheat. There are a few things i'd like to be different. Having different crate names in loot box mode so you can filter out regular crates and only show military crates would be nice. A toggle for an on-screen crosshair for all guns would be nice and simple. An option to show corpses along with deathbags would be nice too so you can find both easier. Adding more items to the show dropped weapons would be nice too such as beancans and satchels. A door esp to see door locations inside the house would be nice for raiding. 

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