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Cod premium vs exclusive vs supreme


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For these 3 supreme has been what I have used often as it's easy to see up and use. The aim bit can glitch at times and pull to a random spot which can make things bad if you are spectated the esp is good but also buffy at times. Overall good.

Premium is also not hard to set up and the menu and hacks are by far the most legit looking the aimbot feels more like a strong aim assist and the esp options and screen counter are amazing. But I kept getting a direct x error when using premium that would freeze my game and boot me. The longer I player the more frequently it happened. I tried everything I found online to fix and eventually the dev error changed to. Something else so I didn't finish the 7 days only because of that, if I can fix this error this would be my 30day go to.

Exclusive I used for 24hr to try out and it seemed like a happy in between from premium and supreme the aim bot is good with no random lock on I didn't understand the aim speed and had halfway not sure where it should be for a more legit look admins if you can assist on this please. The esp however is a bit much. I like to see the bones names and distance only the box and health bar get to cluttered if they can make where we can choose each item and turn health and the box off this would be close to premium level for me and no direct x error either win win for me. Overall great product's with each having it's issues on my end but I just finish supreme 30days and opted for exclusive 31days

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