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WZ Exclusive Re-Review- my settings.


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I decided to re review.. I love it! I play as legit as possible as i have a high KD without any assistance.I use ESP on.. the only esp i use in game is player distance (the reason for this is so i can still make out the player models and to be a legit as possible. i use aimbot on but more for assistance as my settings are set at 5 - 5 and my aimbot key to 1 (i had it on 2 but if i ads without shooting it was dragging me onto target and if i had people spectating me it looks a bit suspect, so having it on the trigger make me be able to snipe without the drag lock on affect. I have ignore downed on, hide aim spot on and aim vis check all on. These are my settings feel free to try these out but they are very much assistance settings to help me move around the map and for positioning with a little aim assist.. Thanks

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