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Apex Legends "Delta premium pack"


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1) set up for this cheat is very easy.

2) the ui for the cheat itself is very straight forward.

3) has not been detected on multiple accounts.

4) esp aspect of this cheat is very good!

5) aimbot looks smooth if you adjust the smoothness of the slider.


aimbot glitches alot in gun fights


1) energy weapons are impossible ie (havoc, volt, devotion, Lstar) to use, the aimbot cannot compute and will lock on random spots on or off the target and will literally get stuck.

no amount of configurations of the bot will fix this problem. If this one and only problem can be patched or fixed on creators side this cheat would be perfect


overall 4/5 stars from my in depth use of this cheat

again if the cheat can be worked to fix the energy weapons with the aimbot this cheat would be more amazing and id rate it a 5/5


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