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Modern Warfare Exclusive


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By far the best value in my opinion. I have hardly seen this version down. Always seems to be up and running. Works exactly as advertised.

What i like:
1. NO RECOIL is awesome. Turns any gun into a lazer rifle. Feels so good to actually be able to hit long shots with an AR on controller without a scope. I almost feel like i have the recoil control of a streamer.....hmm wait a minute...my recoil control looks very familiar....like ive seen it thousands of times...hmmm.....LOL.
2. ESP is customizable. I hate looking at the boxes. So i disable the boxes and only leave the skeletons. Gives me a better idea of where the person is.
3. RADAR is great. Could be better but im not going to try to squeeze to much out of a mere $5. ESP has helped me more often than the radar, but the radar is nice to have when you need to know if someones above you and you dont have to look up at the ceiling to check.
4. Has worked EVERYTIME*.

What i dont like:
1. After injecting and starting the game. if you are on controller the menu will not appear (!!! UNLESS YOU press the windows key and move your mouse around!!!) This got me so many times when i was first starting to use it. I thought it wasnt working and restarted my pc dozens of times. Until i figured out im stupid and i just need to move the mouse LOL.
But it would be great if this little problem is mentioned in the guide OR if it was somehow fixed. Whatever, not a big deal at all.

2. No Recoil causes aim to snap to a random angle. Not sure if this is just with controller, but i get this sometimes. Sometimes twice a game, sometimes never. Its random and i cant figure out what causes it. But again, Not a horrible problem by any means. Its a quick snap and you have full control. It seems like it only happens when you are not touching the stick at all. Oh well.

3. No Direct aimbot support for controller. This is more of me just being a cunt rather than a problem. As i said i dont use aimbot, and wont use it. Just something i wanted to mention if it is possible to do. It would be awesome if there was some controller integration, Like mapping the aimbot to when LT is pressed on a controller. Instead of having to remap LT to a keystroke and whatnot.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Keep up the good work.


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