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COD MW - Exclusive


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I will format this in sections so I can be as specific as I can.

/|\ ESP

  •  Great Esp always accurate, never broken, you can clearly see where people are all the time.
  • Also has VisCheck which is awesome because then you don't accidently aim at people through the wall before they peek. 


  • I can't really rate this accurately because I was mostly playing legit, and only used it once or twice, but can say it gives you a lot of options to make it fit your play style. 


/|\ Menu:

  • Menu is really easy to use, and also very simple, can't get any more simple than a quick 1 2 to get straight into the game.


/|\ Support:

  • Do not even get me on the amazing support they give out here, and the patience they have. Trust me you won't even worry once you speak with support.


/|\ Detection:

  • Honestly just check the status page to make sure the cheat is marked "working" and follow the steps of the downloads and you wont have anything to worry about.
  • Although that does not mean if you go and be as obvious as you can be on the game, nothing will happen. No you will get banned, just don't be stupid with it that's all.



/|\ Price:

  • The price is perfect right now in my opinion, because I'm from Canada, the exchange rate is awful but, I can say this price cannot be beaten.
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