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If you are looking to try out hacks and this is your first time, Exclusive was an excellent product. I loved all the easy settings and ability to switch up mid games. Like me, people want to know how legit the product might be. To those of you first timers trying this out I couldn't recommend a better product. I was by no means terrible at COD and I had 27 wins prior to this with a 1.5 KD. I used the products for the last three months and I can say that I was not hiding it at a good majority of the time. I have not even seen a soft ban, warning, or even a whisper that anyone knew. Other players will see though. I put in hundreds of hours during my time on parental leave and have to say that it was always fun to smoke people from anywhere and everywhere and not feel as sweaty when I played. I just had a new born baby and wanted to compete when I played with my friends and this was a great way to start. The options make it so you can choose not to use ESP and the like. If you wanted a mild aim assist it could be achieved.

That was my favorite setting. (Although there were times I went full hulk and just went 20+ kill games in solo quads)

My friends thought it was hilarious and I would show new friends all the time that I had some kind of Psychic precognition. It is a blast to play games like this and I wish there was some hacks available for SCUM (wink wink) even though it is a dying game.


Lastly the customer service is easy and awesome! They answer every question and make sure you are able to enjoy your experience!

Again if you are new or even thinking about Exclusive for WZ def buy a month cause you will be back if you get 24 hours.

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