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Dear all, 


this bot is really good but if someone will kindly do a short video of how it should be adjusted and for example using 7zip to extract the files. Some small details actually been a big delay so i recommend that 7zip is with you the support is super calm and fast. but if a video guide will makle it way easier for most people to adjust it 

as i qoute mr Frost13 said: "

Spot on hacks! Easy to use and start up.

You will love it, ESP is beautiful design and aimbot with bellow settings will give you 59-69% accuracy witch is master level aim, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Admins and creators thank you for all you guys do!! Keep up the great work, can’t wait to be with you for many years and see how you develop this page to something even greater then it already is.

I’ve spend 30 minutes and 12 games adjusting settings and bellow I’ll give you my recommendation for settings that will look legit and make your aim OP!! 

aim fov set to 0.030

trigfer fov set to 0.030

localplayer Y set to 1.000

aim smooth set to 0.080

enable prediction ( useful in higher rank )

prediction speed set to 3.252

Aim Key set whatever suites you ?"


I actually tried it it it have been a good launch despite we got ofc different dpi and in game mouse sensitivity,


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