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It's in this mode where Rainbow Six: Siege's game pillars of tactics, tension and team play really came into effect. In terms of team play and tactics, we needed to work together to execute a plan to achieve the mission objective, and that required us to communicate – something that was made easy by the fact that we were all on voice chat. As we played through various missions, we constantly kept one another updated on what each of us was doing, and that helped us maintain a winning streak on the "normal" difficulty setting. Then we upped the difficulty setting to "hard" and had a much tougher time completing missions successfully. What's clear is that on the normal difficulty setting, the bots are only reasonably accurate, and you have a decent amount of time to line up a shot to take them out – but turn the difficulty up a notch, and the AI will shoot you down very quickly if you give them half a chance. This site helped me out alot and really sharpened my skills. You cant go wrong with ordering anything off of here the team is great and works with you. Probably one of the best support teams around. 

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