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Hello there, 

I will give you guys my honest feedback and review. There are some things that can be improved while complimenting the already existing features.

1. ESP - It is already amazing as it is but there is one thing that can be changed. I noticed there is no feature for 'enemy only' ESP. There will be times when there is a very tensed match, and will tend to have faster reaction due to the focus you are giving. Because of that, I would personally tend to flick to teammates or even shoot at them because the ESP in around them too which will seem unnatural. I suggest adding a 'Enemy only' ESP so that your teammates will look natural to you. 

2. Aimbot - The aimbot is really subtle which is good but i suggest adding like a '0 smoothness' feature to it. What i mean is, for an example you are using the sheriff, it feels good to be able to one tap enemy in the head just for personal satisfaction once in a while. Or using the Operator. Basically what i mean is adding a flick option to it. So when you pull the trigger, it flicks and hits the enemy's head and kills them. the FOV on this can be really low though to not look suspicious. Basically what i mean is adding a flick option or a aimbot with 0 smoothness. 

Other than that, the cheat itself is really amazing. Been using it for awhile now and it is definitely worth the bucks you are paying for. Valorant cheats are hard to make and we appreciate everything you guys do to make it undetectable. I have enjoyed valorant way more ever since i started using it, especially the ESP. I do not usually use aimbot because the artificial  aim of it is what I personally have already. Maybe it can add that small bit of feature to help those who are already decent in aim and just need that pixel bit of accuracy to finish off the enemy. Like i said above, the flick with very low fov. Other than that, it's great and definitely recommended for newer players. Thank you so much! 

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