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I personally don't accept using cheats, but with more and more people using them, the only way to beat a cheater is to become a cheater. (Yeah, I mean you all on this site, no offense.)
I'm sure I am not the only one who will agree with this, alot of others with also disagree and shun my idea, but you either have to sweat to the maximum or lose hundreds of times trying.
Besides that, this is probably the most safest cheats you could ever use, went through 3 seasons without being banned after restarting (but don't quote me on that cause I could eat my words later on), great for anyone that wants the to fight off other cheaters or just isn't good and wants to show of to your friends haha.
Don't use skycheats, I've been banned using that website.
11/10, keep it up battlelog, as long as you can.

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