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EFT Leviathan


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Hello Stauvy here.. Absolutely  love the work Yall are doing. Im sure its hard work to stay ahead of the game to keep the hacks undetected I started out using EFT Leviathan 24hrs worked amazingly and then went to 7 days and still worked good looking to try out supreme and possible get the 30 days of either one.

at first i was scared of getting banned and hasn't happened yall are doing a good job. i tried using the aimbot but it says its a risk function so i stopped using it and its better to use my own aim anyway just to try to keep on the save side of things....but aimbot would be nice if it worked a little better.

really like the ESP it was doing weird things yesterday evening so then i went to check the status and it said updating soo i restarted my computer and am just waiting for it to be done updating. 

i mostly just use the products to see where people are and to know where the good loot is and i usually just play normally like i don't know where things are just to be on the save side.

id give this product a 10/10  its super simple to use and easy to understand...it would be nice to know if theres away to change some of the keybinds on the hack.

thank you battlelog for all the hard work

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