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First of all, I wasn't playing it obvious but I got banned from the game, yep.

But I don't think it's a problem with the cheat from here, feels like More about bad luck

Because when you buy shity cheats like only cost 20 usd, you wont even last 10 days.

but Battlelog is different If you be careful enough you can play Months without getting banned (Maybe forever if you be careful enough)

And even if you get HWID bans battlelog will help you out to get out of HWID bans with a 24 hours Support chat And Premium guides,

it will help you out A lot.  I wasn't HWID banned from Apex Legend this time but

right after I follow guides "How To Deal With Bans" (Even though I didn't HWID ban It feels like this is necessary) I think I'm going to buy another month of this .

The cheat has really good interface, aimbot, radar, all crazy stuff works really good I never had a problem with it,

You're not going to find this level of cheat provider from another place because usually provider delete or hide your post If you say Something like "i got banned from your cheats" Because they don't give a fuck but Battlelog give a fuck it will help you out

The price may be expensive But I don't think I waste my Money

Seriously fuck Other cheat provider I'm sticking with battlelog Forever now on.






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