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EFT Levi and Pheonix, honest reviews


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ive noticed blind praise and seemingly curatored reviews on this site so ill leave my honest opinon, no fluff.


pros - very safe, good item detection

cons - text is little too big, can get in the way of normal vision and clutter screen. Aim assist is sub par, better off not using it. Some days it causes constant server connection fails, dont let anyone on this site tell you its EFT servers, its not lol tested it a lot and the moment you run the game without hacks, its perfectly fine no disconnects.

suggestions for improvements - text size changer, better stability so no DC's



pros - excellent aim assist, works beautifully. Lots of customization of text colors, sizes and what shows up on ESP.

cons - constant phasing in and out of ESP, display would disappear for seconds then pop back in. Aim assist is probably too good lol so use with caution. Got perma banned within 2 hours of using so highly detectable, i would say this is probably due to the aim assist so again use with caution.


So in conclusion after using both quite a bit, despite my personal gripes ive used Levi far more simply for safety reasons. Although the DC's eat into my paid time, ill swallow those moments to avoid another account getting perma banned.

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