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WZ Supreme Review


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Great stuff. I have been messing around with the "Exclusive" package and was loving it. All the features within that menu are amazing to me. However, I had a trial run of the "Supreme" Package and I will be honest, it just isn't as smooth or near comparison to the features and customisation of the "Exclusive" Package.

I don't really use these hacks to be blatant, so the more suttle the better. However, I think a really good feature for the "Supreme" would be to let us choose what sized font we want for the ESP, not just the colors. The reason I say this is because for starters, the ESP doesn't work when players sometimes are parachuting or in a vehicle, and I know I have read other reviews and have seen that people have mentioned this and also that it doesn't allign properly. The ESP itself makes it hard to spot people in general, so if your trying to play smart with it, it doesn't offer a clear visual to wanting to take shots or not to be excessively blatant at spotting people.

Overall, I love the work that is done here and I really enjoy working with these tools. I think allowing us to customize the sizing of the ESP text etc.. Like from one of the recent "Exclusive" updates will be a MASSIVE improvement and quadripledouble thumbs up from me and will deffinately have me coming back for more, and I am sure many others will too! ?

((Just to clarify, if you guys were already working on this I apologise))

Love your stuff guys, legends!

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