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My experience with EFT Levi and moving forward


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Hello all! 

I started with EFT Levi 24 hour and I absolutely loved it. Because of the time it took to set up and issues I had, I was compensated for the time missed (thank you!). I decided to go with the 30 day levi but... 

I got the cheat on a Saturday. EFT had just had an update the day before. I was playing as normal only using esp (would not recommend aimbot, too risky) when I sadly got banned (on my main *crying*). After talking with support and reading more into it I wanted to share my take aways with everyone. 

1. There is always the risk to be banned. The team here is working hard to prevent it and I truly appreciate it.

2. Don't use your main (learn from me please)

3. Reset your PC after use! (I did not do this and I think that could contribute.)

4. If the game updated, do not use the cheat yet! Talk to support and let them know the game was updated so they can inform the devs (in case the devs are unaware) so the devs can make sure everything is in working order.

I believe I got caught because I was not resetting my PC and eft had an update. It sucks but it does happen. 

I am currently working on setting up a new profile to mess with and use EFT Phoenix. Can't wait to get out there!


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