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WZ Supreme Review v2


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So, I have had a few runthroughs with the Supreme Warzone and it truly is a blast and a half. Just some quick things that I feel like would make Supreme WZ 100percent perfect and a much more smoother and safer experience considering it is a stream proof tool.

1) Fixing the ESP nameplates (Possibly making customizable sizing for all ESP options, or simply just make the ESP NAME text smaller, vischeck is the only thing that keeps you safe if trying to stream comfortably with ESP and not be blatant because tbh the ESP takes up alot of visibility with its size.)

2) ESP doesn't always show people gliding or in vehicles (Almost 99% ESP doesn't work on other vehicles, 50-60% when others are parachuting. Also if in a vehicle or parachuting the ESP seems to not allign properly until your back on foot?)

3) Aimbot seems to lock on to other people when FOV is raised about 30-40 (Even when trying to shoot someone noteably closer more infront, it will lock onto people in the distance rather than the guy right infront.)

4) Possibly add the "Grenade Tracer" feature from exclusive? that was a really good feature extremely helpful!

5) No Recoil seems to not work 100 percent of the time ? (Still trying to figure that one out, I feel like toggling NoRecoil on and off fixes this, but it could just be a placebo effect)

Other than that, absolutely great work as always well done love your stuff here. Keep it up!



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