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Cold War supreme has a lot of potential; especially now that the new season for Cold War is out. I believe a lot of people will try it because of camo grinds and upgrading weapons. I'm going to be comparing it to Warzone exclusive, one the best products in my onion that battlelog has to offer. I'm also comparing exclusive with supreme as they are deemed the entry level for both. Below I've made a list of features I appreciated and also a list of features that are desperately needed to make it better. 


You can move the radar to whichever part of the screen you want. It comes in handy when you can place it beside the actual mini map thus you don't have to look very far from the mini map. 

There is a combination of keys to press for each feature, for example, you can use the up/down arrows to change the size of the fov circle mid game, this way its easier to adjust to the level of aimbot you want. Bigger for close range or sniping and smaller for long range ARs. 

The option to set aim smoothness helps make aimbot seem natural. 

The transparent background of the hack is appreciated. 

The ability to know if you're being targeted and by what wepon is really handy, especially in modes like dirty bomb, where its a large scale battle. It gives you that extra time you need to get to cover. It has helped me escape getting one shot by snipers easily. 


What can be improved:

ESP needs to change colors when enemies are visible, this feature should be bare minimum. There needs to be a way for those trying to stay as natural as possible to know when to aim at someone or not. I found my self doubting if the enemy was in front of me or not because the bright colors of the ESP box and the distance can make it confusing and easier to get outgunned, especially if there is not color assistance to know when they are visible.  

Skeletons/bones, I really miss this feature. It's so helpful. By adding this, it will only make supreme so much better. 

The feature visibility check desperately missed, I believe that for aimbot to look as natural as possible and for players to avoid being banned, it is a must. I've often found myself locking onto targets behind cover in clutch of things, especially on small maps with lots of cover. 

More levels to aim smoothness. It only goes from 1-10 and from my hours of testing, works well with lower settings, but for high sensitivity players who like to easily 360, there should be more levels to smoothness. I was flicking on people like a pro, which needs to be toned down in my opinion to not get banned. 


There should be a 24 hour version for those wanting to try it for the first time, it doesn't make sense to spend $35 or $65 USD to try it out for the first time. Its a really expensive investment, especially with the limited amount of options. 


Ultimately, I have no doubt that battlelog is already working away to add many great features. Hopefully I can contribute to them having a much better product for all of us to love and use.  



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