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DayZ Qantum Hack


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Hello, at the moment i already bought about 20 Keys and i was almost always happy and satisfied with the Cheats from Battlelog! 

So here is one Review from my last Bought Hack! 

DayZ Qantum Hack

ESP-Player: 8/10  A verry Good working ESP with good settings but i'm missing the Option for ESP Distance for Player.. its always ~1Km 

ESP-Objects: 10/10 Works verry good! nothing more to say about!  (Here you got the ESP-Distance) 

Aimbot: 9/10  the Setup for the aimbot is verry simple! a few clicks and here u go! Verry GOOD JOB! 

But here, too, I miss the option to set the range for the Aimbot

 just a 9/10 Cause 1 TIME the Aimbot killed a Player BEHIND me half the Map while i'm was Full-Auto Killing Zombies...  Damn, i almost got Banned on the Server but I've talked myself out of it!  I still can't believe the Admins believed the shit i was talking, haha^^

Misc: 5/10  The "Always Day" Option doesnt work - its just a bit Brighter but still Dark so u need a Nightvision.. (or i'm just stupid)

No Grass works verry well! 10/10 

Speedhack: I Cant really Rate this.. cause i was a bit Shy to use it, even on Community Servers.. but the One time i was brave enough to activate - I instantly got a connection los to the Server. 


So Thats my Rating for the Hack Himself! a good 9/10! 


But NOW - I Bought this Hack 2 Times.. 1 Time in January and 1 Time Yesterday! 

After Buying the Hack it didnt even needed more than 2 Minutes to setup and Injecting the Key - all good.

First Buy in January:

But After Injecting the Key and a requiered restart my computer has MASSIVE Sound Lags/Cracks every 30-60 Seconds. Even if i wasnt playing.. 

Watching Netflix, youtube or even talking with friends in Discord/Teamspeak.. i got the horrible Sound Cracks.. I've Deleted everything of the Hack, restarted my Computer so often that I can't count it anymore.  But nothing helped.. so i got a little rage mode and just re-installed Windows on my Computer - Now it worked again..!

so nearly 2 Months after this i decided to give the Cheat a new chance! so i just bought a new Key yesterday! Everything went fine the first 2 Hours! 

But then.. ohh hell.. i couldnt believe it when i heard the first Sound crack.. i was almost about to shoot myself... 

but now it shouldnt be enough with the Sound Cracks.. after  nearly every 30 minutes ingame my computer Freezes and the ony wait out  was to turn off the computer. 

This was repeated 2-3 times.


(Just to let you know - i was Always happy with your Costumer support!) 

In the next morning i was trying to get help from your costumer Service - i said that i just want to get rid off the Sound Cracks and i dont want to inject this hack anymore.

The Employee  gave me some instructions that could help to fix the problem but  I also don't know if he really understood what my problem is.

So nothing helped - Again :(..

So I've spent the last 3 hours on my computer just to re-install my windows Again..




Hack 9/10

compatibility 3/10 

The time i could spent with the Hack was VERRRRRY Funny, But the time and headache afterwards is really not worth it...


best Reg.

(My English is not the best, I wrote a part with the google translator)


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