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Cold War Supreme


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I am a 50 year old guy. I first heard about Cold War supreme last month. I bought it for a day. Online support has been awesome. I have zero system knowledge and i was still able to install the hacks based on the instructions in the first try. The hack along with Faze spoofer is secured and rest assured you cant get banned. The only way you can get banned is not the software but your foolishness's.  I followed the forums how not to get banned. I lowered my fov to 20 and smoothing to 10 . Its still too strong but let me tell you, it gives you wings. Be careful just because you got wings don't fly too high to the sun. You will  burn. I highly recommend it!!!! The only change I wish I could have it lower the aimbot intensity. Just follow the guidelines about how not to get banned and stick to it. Don't be greedy!!!!. 

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