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Guys, if you have been to this page and were skeptical! Don't be! this team that they rounded up here in battlelog are legit the best. Even with the updates that most find a little bit much, their actually doing it to protect us from getting our accounts banned and to keep playing. They have done the best job I've ever seen from any website hands down and their customer service is legit top notch, answer every question. Today and last month I was helped by Cleo. Legit to the max! super patient with me. guided me through a unban process to the point I was up in running in legit 4hrs. He then helped me through a shadow ban because I was to ignorant to watch for the hack status! again had me up and running in less then 5min. I cannot make this up! Look no further ladies and gents! BATTLELOG IS IT! they have our backs! great job team!

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