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Cold War Supreme


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I come and go as new seasons start to level new weapons fast and get through the battlepass do weekly pass and than come back when next season starts.

Great product its always up. Only down fall is the crashes sometimes i can only play one game and it crashes. However, one thing i have learned. Let the game sit for about 5min when you get in and don't join anything do your load-outs look at challenges. Walk away take a piss, get your stuff together and than play i tend to have way fewer crashes. But i can live with it cause they keep us safe and the shit works only thing i use is walls/ESP.

Why i think walls/ESP are best and the only thing you need.

1. You still have to do the aiming.

2. You learn how teams/and players rotate--you figure out spots where a lot of people sit and camp--this helps you when you go back to normal play with no cheats.. Just from using walls when i go back to normal play i have become a better player. Cause not only do i understand the map. But you understand how players play and that gives you an edge. 


These guys are great and always willing to help. (There is no better place than this place and that's facts)


PS i would love an only WALLS/ESP option. I think it would be a big sailing point. cause there are times i am tempted to just go full crazy if there was a walls/ESP only hack that would save me from the temptation of going FULL FRENZY!! ?

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