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First of all I'm not a bot account, just to others that are as paranoid as me. 

I looked over this site for about 4 days before jumping the gun and buying Apex Quantum cheat package.

I followed the instructions perfectly. It worked perfectly. Then I got banned second day because I thought for some reason it would be a good idea to use snipers halfway across the map on people. 

Anyways the built in HWID spoofer works great so steam could not correlate my HWID to my PC so I just followed FROST'S instructions on how to deal with bans and play again.

Within an hour I was playing Apex with a new account, also my computer is now clean and tidy as I've been meaning to wipe it regardless for a few months now and just didn't have the motivation.

These guys are as legit as they get. They have 20 employees just on the Support Chat alone making sure to help and guide anyone struggling. 

Yeah some people will cry about their prices; I think that's idiotic. The prices are perfectly fair, and in fact I'd say they're even too LOW for the type of hacks they are offering. Buy the 30 day package, that's the better deal. That's literally a one 8 hour work shift out of the entire month. People that are saying that is expensive are either kids or dead broke or something.

If you're not interested in being a virgin and spending 5000 hours on a game, buy the hack now. The old saying is, "Time is money" and that is very true. How valuable are 5000 hours to you? If they are worth MORE to you than $80/m then this hack is a no brainer. I personally would rather buy a hack for $80 and play like a player with 5-10k hours than waster 5-10k hours to play like the player. 

The end. 

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