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COD Cold War Supreme

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My honest opinion

I've been user of WZ Premium for Months now , not a single Problem or complaint the hack work PERFECT and is AWESOME , I used in the past Premium in CW and worked the same way the best enhancement you can get. BUT i have a strong opinion about Supreme ,maybe ive been SPOILED by the PREMIUM but this hack is not a hack you can use on the everyday use you will be better with PREMIUM , and i will like to see some of the features of the PREM on this hack cause it feels cheap.

Lets talk about Features i mean the Hack is cheap so there's basically none there's a "smooth"  aimbot but dosen't do a thing . Thats about it

Aimbot - is WAY to strong is GOOD , but way to strong  ...IT feels unnatural  for example you shooting a guy and if the guy run to cover still locks on it  dosent have a "VISIBLE" feature on it . If you suddenly come across a guy since you cant reduce the FOV will target anyone close to it not it could be the guy shooting you , the guy behind him or the guy behind the wall you have no control over your aim bot even tho have like a "distance" meter the aim-bot just lock in whatever is on that FOV (You better off playing hard core or you will get reported instantly , when ppl see the kill cam)

ESP (wallhacks)- Is OK works but it doesn't have a skeleton option on my case i hate the boxes i rather just see the skeletons is way better to identify the enemy and much cleaner on your screen. That's about it!

Also , the hacks crashes here and there and you lose the progression of the game weapons etc that u get in that specific game.

OVERALL : the HACK works i will say buy it if you wanna level up a weapon or a couple on nuke town fast you can try to play passive get kills here and there that doesn't look suspicious, but from day to day you will prob get reported a lot and shadowban or permaban you will be better buying the PREMIUM you will not get disappointed is the BEST HACK YOU CAN BUY . Witch bring me to my next point there's should've be a PREMIUM 7 day key feature for People like me that doesn't play CW on daily basics that just level up weapons etc.


Thanks !




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