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Premium 1.0 WarZone

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Unfortunately cheat premium 1.0 will no longer be sold, I wanted to highlight a few points, but I think it's obviously clear to anyone who has used warzone premium 1.0.

As everyone could see, among all the hacks developed for warzone this one is without doubt of the best done, for sure the code is developed by someone who has a high knowledge of programming since the same cheat serves as the basis for many others of several other games.

About the rest of the functions, aimbot is the smoothest on the market (fully configurable) I prefer not to use aim prediction or lock target, MapHack(uav all time) works perfectly well, I haven't tested things like ads factor, percentage of recoil, were the only two functions not tested but everything works perfectly fine so for me there is no doubt.

The auto update function is without a doubt extreme differential(I've never seen this cheat in update for more than 2 or 4 hours), I don't know what kind of technique they use to display the ESP or direct the sight to the enemy with the aimbot (which serves me more as an aimassist if used well), but I think it's something related to some function of intel processors.

The whole injection process is hide, it starts with windows, there is a specific process for the cheat to remain running, you can close the game and it's still there, as soon as you start it(warzone) again too will start.(driver or service i think)

I don't know if you can offer a better product, a friend Bought Premium 2.0 and is enjoying it a lot but some functions on it could be added like Skeleton ESP or something like that, I don't like boxing and I think it's ridiculous. this is no longer used since the time of the first cheats for cs 1.6.

Premium 1.0 is at the top of hacks, here's my congratulations, I study Software Engineering and when I see any type of software developed in an extremely structured way I feel fulfilled, it's a shame the site won't offer it, they'll lose customers but everything has to renew as the night turns to day, BIG MISS, REST IN PEACE PREMIUM 1.0.


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