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Warfare Supreme 2.0 Tutorial


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Love the product, love the support, love everyone BUT...even though I've been here for a few months I can't seem to make my hack work the way I think it's supposed to especially in the AIMBOT area.  I'm smart enough to know NOT to have it just whapping people with one shot from 800 yards all day....but I can't get it to track AT ALL.

The "non stream safe" version, can't remember what it's called had a guy....Australian/English..don't remember which....but did a full tutorial on that one..made it easier to understand.

Would be really cool if someone would take ..I don't know...15 minutes and run through what each button does (I don't mean check mark "money" to find money.....lol  I think we all get that) but something that gives a better understanding of the mechanics of things like Smooth Rate, and how it interacts w/ FOV and all that.  I'll bet that more people that understand it on a reasonable level would create MORE repeat buyers because it'll take away the intimidation.

Because while support is GENERALLY awesome, sometimes they just fire off a cut and paste thing...I know they mean well, but it doesn't answer it and after asking 3 or 4 times in different ways, sometimes you just say "well, f' it...I'll figure it out...."  lol  NO offense to those guys..I know they work hard and they do a great job.

Anyway...that's all.  Thanks for a killer product!


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