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    Cold War Zeus

    So good for leveling everything up cannot fault it . Any ETA when it will be back up Frost?
  2. My experience with Battlelog so far has been pretty good, the cheats work and support do a fantastic job of giving us updates. My first one I bought was leviathan and I fell in love with it, the ESP is crisp and clear and aimbot is excellent. Second one I bought was exclusive, don't get me wrong every cheat on here is a cheat that works and works well but to me exclusive felt like a downgrade which makes sense as its cheaper. I only bought 24 hours exclusive to replace lev, as it was down and still is and this is where my only concern lies, if I was to purchase the 30 days or 7 days pass for leviathan I would've missed nearly a whole week of playtime for something that costs quite a bit of money and if you're tight on money or have a family to provide for you cant just splash your cash on something else waiting for an update (checking the status page has become a part time job haha) . This was an honest review and everyone at Battlelog are amazing at what they do.