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  1. Finally got banned in wz after god know how long, this was my own fault. I used the hacks with out checking the status. i know my bad. thank you to all the team for the hard work and effort that you put in to the hacks. !
  2. absoloutly loving exclusive for wz, does exactly what is says on the tin, started off using just a 24hour key and have recently brought 2 lots of the one week as i was not 100% sure but i will be buying more until i am evetually banned, i doubt i will be though as long as you play normally you will be fine. ( I dont use aim bot just walls) I Have been using v1 continually, just seen that v2 is now in use, ive just tried it and not a big fan personally as im already used to how the box and bones work on v1 (both the box and bones change colour when not in view ) my question to Frost is, is v1 still safe for use PS. Love the work your doing keep it up man !