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  1. I have been using battelog cheats since beta test of Cold War, recommended by Mod to me, Cold War times I got on the top 20 in the world and Top 3 in SA. Still not banned just to prove that you will not get banned if you just use cheats smart and not agro it, used it on stream even tho its NOT STREAM PROOF and I still have not gotten banned. The review doesn't go about that, I heard a revamp on their Tarkov cheats were coming, got a new account to try it out, bought the cheat THINKING it was the same menu listed in the description. It was not the same menu, the menu was so simple and way to starter and not at all the standards I know battlelog for. Aimbot is great but not if you don't have a recoil cheat with it, tarkov is known for IRL gun mechanics and the old cheats there was NO sway NO recoil No inaccurate ADS. I have been using their tarkov cheats for a while and honestly the new aimbot is dope but without recoil useless, this can be avoided by leveling up your PMC. It still wont be good but better, SOME ADVICE for players reading this that will be using tarkov hacks. FOLLOW EVERY STEP, GO THREW EVERYTHING X3. This I will say over and over make sure and you will be awarded by the cheat and your BANK ACCOUNT.