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    I've been using this product for about two weeks, and it's pretty amazing. It allows me to keep up with some of my younger more talented friends. Frost's guide is crucial to using the software appropriately: ++ You need to work on your foot work, quick comfortable movement. It is easy to see aim assist with terrible foot work. ++ Take your losses. Winning 1 v 3's is not the norm. Not even from pros ++ Toggle or disable during spectator mode. It really helps here if you have some basic foundations of shooting. Going to be easy to see laserbeam aim turning into missing literally every shot. ++ Pretend you don't know they're there even when you do know they're there. This also helps stop friends become suspicious of software use. It becomes apparent when you're calling out specific locations constantly. I've even gone as far as to let myself get beamed and just took the hit. I actually wish the aim was even less snappy as it is. I set FOV 2.0, Smooth 20, Recoil X/Y 0.5 each and still feel like it tracks too well sometimes and have to drag to miss shots. A recommendation on product page on the most legit settings would be amazing.