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  1. AimBot - 7/10 I am not too impressed by the legit capabilities of this aimbot when going closet or as some others call it, "super legit", high smooth low FOV aimbot, I can feel it and notice it at times, Even with a 1.5 fov with a 90 smooth, you can still notice a slight pull. I would recommend not using the head bone because it will shoot above the head and it will keep pulling up causing you to look very suspicious. Another issue is the visibility option I have found myself shooting at someone just for the aimbot to switch and start shooting at someone through a wall I'm unsure of any solutions asides from turning your visual radius down Visuals - 7.5/10 Just a regular esp/wallhack, it does tend to cut out now and then which could be looked at as a good thing for keeping it legit but if you don't care about staying legit it can be very annoying having it track an afterimage of a player. Other than that it does what a wallhack should do. Legit/Normal cheating - 8/10 For legit or normal cheating, it still is great, the aimbot on higher settings can be pretty helpful with opponents that are either better or likely hacking and not hiding it well or don't care, you can just turn your aimbot on and turn settings up, but doing this does tend to make you look suspicious any fov over 2.5 with smoothing under 40 tends to lock pretty hard and tends to miss any shot after the first as it does like to track above the head. Overall - 8/10 Valo Odin is pretty good, lacks some features I'd like to see but most likely will come later down the road, it is one of the better Valorant cheats I've tried and I like it quite a bit. I Would recommend Valo Odin to other people as it is the main Valorant cheat i will be using