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    Ole Timer

    Guys first off I’m going on 7 months ban free. Play smart. This isn’t so much as a review but a thank you to the team here. Three years ago my life changed. I had an injury to my right hand that all but stripped away my gaming days as I could no longer use a mouse as one would normally. I’m an ole school guy and probably grandpa age to most here but shit, I still love to game though. Battle Log gave me not only hope but a new lease in life in a way. I can now have fun and play with my friends and adult children that play along side me in game. To the team, awesome job and thank you so very much for allowing me to enjoy the game I love. Folks if you’re on the fence with this mod, quite frankly you’re wrong. Best out there. Jump on board and let’s bust em up!!
  2. Enrodd

    7 months

    Guys I’ve been running this in MW/Warzone for 7 months now. This thing is just totally awesome. Keep circle small and don’t aim or look at walls. With the power we have using this it’s hard not to prefire or aim at walls but with time it becomes sort of like muscle memory if you practice it. Great products!