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  1. Hi,first of all congratulations because this is the best site ever,i am here by 2 years 15 december there is a big (bad for us) news. Team Ricochet will add a driver at Kernel's level that will be necessary to play. Is this the end of an era? I hope you (we) 'll find a way.
  2. Hi,first of all congratulations because this is the best site ever! But i have to tell that in 30 minutes i crashed 5 times (all in end game ahah) Is a random crash with no error. Fix this and this is 100/100 site,now is 95/100 ahahh
  3. Hi,first of all congratulations because this is the best site with the best hacks on the planet, used this by 3 month with no ban! I wonder my self if you will ever add the fantastic cheat that allow us to unlock all the gun's camo,i saw a lot of video on youtube that sent me to discord but seems like a biiiig scam,what do you think? There is somewhere a cheat like that? GG for all guys! Keep like this!
  4. Hi,in these days i watched all the reviewes about the new menu of leviathan. We are not asking to bring back the old menu,we are just asking to bring back the short keys (alt-x) The new menu style is amazing,more clear,more safe ecc ecc,but without short keys is useless,because if an Activision Moderator see my gameplay,he can clearly see that i stop my self with no reason (instead i am changing the cheats aahahaha) and this is a lot more dangerous,with short keys this dont happen! By the way congratulations for all your work,keep going on heroes!
  5. Hi,the new menù is so difficult to use guys,the last menù was so easy,Alt-(number) was so usefull,now to turn on the cheats i have to stop my self for at least 1 minute in the game. Please take the old menù back! It was so quick and fantastic.