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  1. I've been using the Battlelog service for a bit and tried many different cheat services here. I have previously tried Rainbow Six cheat, Apex Quantum, and this. Since Quantum has been in updating status for a long time, I decided to purchase this service. I like this cheat as well because the features are perfect and worth the price. The only bad part is you'll either have to buy an external hwid spoofer or risk your computer. Everything else, the hack is perfect. I haven't got banned since I have purchased this service. Good job, devs!
  2. The Rainbow Six Siege Quantum hack package is really good! I love the fact that you guys put extreme effort into the hack. Though, I may have spend a lot of money on purchasing multiple 24 hour hack, I finally purchased a 30 day hack knowing that this hack is amazing. I have bought myself an alt account for me to use to hack, and haven't got banned at all till now. 100% recommend this product. The only problem is the updating issues, it may be slow, but I fully understand since Battlelog is strict about game security.