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  1. Love all the people who dedicate their time on this website, PERSONALLY, I will only ever use PREMIUM products after I got my hands on the first premium product I tried (Warzone/MW Premium). Just wondering if we could get an update on RUST Premium (private).. I have talked to support and apparently its been down for 3 weeks or so and I bought a key anyways, since you get Time Back while products are down and I thought it would be like a couple day fix, week fix max, but I am just wondering if their is an ETA on the hack, even if its a couple weeks or so down the road. Thanks so much - eccitoli ūüôā
  2. Peoples who games crash while using PREMIUM Warzone/MW while playing Warzone/MW. This is a guide on how I solved my game crashes. These are some of the errors I'd receice: "Paging file error" "DEV ERROR " "Unknown software exception" This is how I fixed game crashes and error messages like those: I set a custom paging file size (not auto), increasing the maximum to approx 1.5x my RAM -- 24000 MB in my case. I have not received any Errors since doing this. I recommend putting initial to 2,400 and max to 24,000. I used to run it at 10,000-16,000 and it helped me last longer before I'd inevitably crash but finally figured this to be the best setup as I do not crash anymore so far I hope this possibly helps someone, but also I am not saying this will for sure be the cure all to your own problem as I've made to sure properly set up everything so far and tested with everything to make sure what i'm doing pertains to the problem I am trying to fix, which in this case was crashes.
  3. eccitoli


    I have been using this site for about a month, I have drained about 400 dollars in one month so far using this website and its hacks. Customer Support is SUPERIOR, The layout of this website is SUPERIOR, and when using your credit card it isn't like most sites where its all sketchy, using a really really untrustworthy 3rd party off market banking company to pay thru, instead I can simply pay via without having to really worry about a 3rd party company stealing my credentials. Customer support is always available around the clock and I know this because I work online so my schedules are always fucked and I've reached out to support at all times of the day and night and received fast and good support. Their have only been a few instances where I felt the customer support representatives were undertrained or lacked good communicative skills, besides those 2 out of the 100 times i've contacted support, its been nothing but ease and bliss. If I had anything really that I feel would be complain worthy about the services on, its the STATUS updates because I have been banned on apex legends due to the status of the hacks not being updated and I contacted support to update it and the admins were too busy to update it, but shorty after it was updated. I cannot complain though really because I know the admin team must be flushed with work to continue to put out these quality hacks. Although I do think safety is always 100% the most important thing. I can say without a doubt this is my favorite company to buy hacks from, I have tried to stray and try other companies but all are inferior. You get what you pay for, my by far favorite client is the Premium Warzone/MW client, I paid 140 for a month but I promise you get what you pay for, with a built in spoofer and a clean amazing menu. One thing I have ran into with running the hacks is game crashes with a Dev Error which I can't seem to find a fix to, although it happens slightly often it isn't game changing to the point where it even makes me mad, its just a bit of an annoyance. All you have to do is ReLoad the hacks and get going again right after and its nice and fast so it usually doesn't take long to jump back in and get into the action Overall review - 8.7/10 - Haven't came close to seeing anything as good as this company when it comes to the amount of hacked clients and customer support mixed with good design.