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  1. First of all, love the site and the support. Great cheats and fast and helpful support. The chat feature is amazing. Would definitely recommend the site to anyone. I used Supreme 1.0 for quite a while, and I do very much enjoy the new interface. The ESP part works amazing. Nothing to fix there. Love the ability to change the color etc. Just a couple of suggestions though. -Add the option to disable shift for headshot? I feel like lots of people shift when firing, which is great until the other person hits shift and you end up just shooting above their head. -Aimbot feels much less like aim assist did in supreme 1.0, and much more...roboty? Part of it might be because of the above, and hitting shift for headshot snaps it around.
  2. I have been using Valorant Supreme 1.0 for a while now. Loved the aim assist and esp. The new 2.0 doesn't seem to have Aimbot (unless I'm blind) which is totally possible lol. Have to say though, Battlelog is a great site and I very much enjoy their products.