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  1. I am about halfway thru my 7 day period and am really impressed. I only use for ESP and under 200m. Sometimes its hard to pretend I don't have it but I like that it gives me a competitive advantage without straight up aimbot (no shade just my preference). I did have a couple questions for everyone and some for the devs. For anyone: 1- After you boot the game, can you turn Defender and firewall back on or do they have to stay off while you play? 2- Will people see the hacks if I stream in discord? (not on twitch or anything, just for friends in discord) For DEVS: is there a way to make ESP distance a range? like if I wanted to see100-200m but not under 100m or over 200m away? After my 7 days are up, I plan on going with 30 days. What benefits will I get with getting the more expensive products?