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  1. Hello everyone. I am a constant customer. Until all of them the warzone supreme 2.0 frauds, daylong version I buy it because my working hours change. It is needed let me say it perfect. I would like to say thanks for being allowed to enjoy the game finally only. The game never looked promising unfortunately , but since I found it out the battlelogra , my game knowledge is praised since then. Thank you Battlelog !
  2. Hello everybody.I bribed it the warzone supreme 2.0 accross. The aim was out of order unfortunately initially. This was my mistake. I would like to help it who bribes it.worked so for me that the esp inside a menu , I pressed it in the 2d box opportunity . The fraud works correctly now. Thank you the battlelog the scoring of nak, the product 10/10 !I will buy it in the future , 100 % safety , thank you Battlelog !
  3. I bribed it the warzone Leviathan fraud , and it is needed let me say it it's perfect! Good work guys, I am being satisfied . ?