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  1. Started in March and wanted to try hacks for the first time and happened to find Battlelog. I started off with Leviathan MW, and as a beginner their instructions were clear and easy to follow. I was very satisfied with how smooth everything was so I stuck around and also tried another game, Apex. I have tried every package for the two games and my personal favorites are the Leviathan's. I mainly use ESP but will have the aim bot set to a key that I tap to help have aim assist lol. Anyways... Have been playing the two games now for 8 months with hacks every time and haven't had any issues or bans. Yes, I have rage killed people SEVERAL times and without a Spoofer and have survived every ban wave so far. NOOOO*** I'm not saying its safe without a Spoofer, that's MY DECISION not to use one and know the consequences. I'm just sharing how long I've survived getting banned... Shows that these people know what they're doing, and why I never really complain about the down times. Support team is also always quick and helpful. I appreciate Battlelog and their team, THANK YOU.