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  1. Got to start by saying that im from Brazil, so paying in dollar is very expensive for us here but i would not trust any other provider except battlelog. Started with R6 Quantum 30 days, it was a really nice experience, ended up buying Valorant Supreme 30 days afterwards too. Really nothing to complain about, the software itself is just marvelous, the support is on point and the attention to details and updates to keep us safe are really key points to making me a loyal customer.
  2. TubaVegas

    R6 Quantum

    Found out about Battlelog in reddit. Not gonna lie i was a little bit afraid when i saw some people talking about how they give descounts to people that do positive reviews about their hacks but decided to give it a shot. Ended up buying the r6 quantum and i can honestly say i have no regrets, the support for instalation is on point, the software is 100% legit and smooth working, really nothing to complain. Happy new loyal costumer here.