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  1. i was kinda sus about the new versions for apex as i love the original levi hacks but the deluxe is amazing dont gotta do anything all settings are set to perfect. but i do miss the stream proof that levi had. but the aimbot isnt super snappy can still miss shots so looks real. good job guys
  2. The new levi hacks for apex work amazing so far used them and works well the aimbot isnt to crazy. i like the glow esp shows what kind of shield they have an whatnot. i do miss having the menu to be able to adjust the settings but overall GLAD they are back i missed them lol.. also are they stream proof?
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    so i was very skeptical about purchasing these as i purchased from somewhere else an got banned instantly an i got blamed for it when i went to ask for help on the page. but my buddy told me about the hacks he had for MW/warzone.. so i went with the SoT hacks an my god it was amazing. easy install and i didnt get banned. then i got the cold war hacks... and i havent had this much fun on cod in a long time. i lowered the fov to the lowest to make it look more legit. these hacks work amazing an i havent been banned. just gotta play as if you dont have them.